10 Things Every Fan Should Have

Each & every "Ally" fan should own at least 1 of each:
  • Episode Guide(s) (it can be either a book, a magazine or a printout - either way, it's gotta have the lists of ALL episodes from each season, along with at least a paragraph-long description) - this will really help you out as a reference manual.
  • Video Tape in any format (preferrably EP, of course) with 4 or more episodes... Believe me, on a rainy boring day, nothing beats the blues like watching your fave "Ally" eps.
  • Any (or both) of the soundtracks.
  • Something a la any of the characters - clothes, makeup (if you're a grrrl), haircuts, attitudes, dreams, fantasies, whatever...
  • A mental schedule of "Ally" eps - when's the next one, whether it's gonna be old or new, etc.
  • Bookmarked (in your browser) "Ally" site(s) - great reference & pastime.
  • An "Ally" book - yeah, I know I said it's optional concerning episode guides, but you gotta have the skinny on all your fave stars, right? Plus, they offer great inside info.
  • "Ally" pics - from wherever & whenever. You gotta decorate your room with SOMETHING!
  • Tape(s) of any award show(s), film(s), etc - anything concerning "Ally". Things like the Emmys, the SAGs & etc are fine.
  • At least one catchphrase in your lexicon:)
    For more info on how to get some of the above stuff, check out Shoppe Central, any bookstore, your local TV listings and/or any "Ally" episode. If you're the proud owner of all of the above - my congrats! You're a true & devoted "Ally" fan!