Well, well, I see you've come to read about me... And well done. Read on!

Ok, well, let's start with the basics... In case you didn't read the title page very well, my name is Alex and I'm a 13 year-old girl. What do I like to do? Well, figure skate & watch lots of TV... Also, I like reading (sometimes), and I spend lots of time on the computer. Ya know, the normal teen stuff... Hour-long phone conversations and movie-going are also a big part of my life, which is pretty screwed up right now... Let's just say that technically I'm from Russia (long story), and technically I don't really want to be in the US (really long story), but under the current circumstances I don't really have much of a choice... I don't even know when I'm going back! Anyway, that's not really important...
Anyway, duh I love "Ally McBeal", but I'm also a total fan of "The X-Files" & "Friends". Out of skating (in case anyone's interested) I absolutely adore Petrova/Tikhonov (RUS) in pairs and Anissina/Peizerat (FRA) in ice dancing... Ah yes, I also love(d) Gordeeva/Grinkov (you know the story...). Who else? That's it... I'm not really into single skating... I myself am currently at the Pre/Pre-Juv level (USFSA) and I'm preparing for my CMS test in the RFFK. What else do I love? Let's see, well, I love Europe (Denmark especially b/c it's REALLY REALLY cool! Copenhagen is like my haven, especially the Tivoli amusement park! AND they have the best ice-cream!), I love rain, I love the WWW, I love... uh, skating, I love listening to music (mainly alternative, but in general like all sorts of stuff, especially the soundtracks from my fave TV shows/movies)... Oh, movies... Good point. My faves:
The X-Files
Jane Doe
The Cutting Edge
Notting Hill
Playing By Heart
The Story Of Us
Runaway Bride
AND OF COURSE the "Scream"s - I, II & III (<---ESPECIALLY!!!)... (Luv Courteney & David:):):) They are sooooo CUTE together!!!)
... My fave actors/actresses: David Duchovny (very, very, very, very, very cute:)), Gillian Anderson, Calista Flockhart, David Arquette (HOT!!!), Courteney Cox Arquette, Matthew Perry (DOUBLE HOT!!!), Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts... That's about it. What sorts of music do I like? Well, let's see: Garbage, Robbie Williams, Natalie Imbruglia & etc. Luv the soundtracks from my fave shows & movies, of course (I already mentioned that...). Fave books? "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov and "My Sergei" by Ekaterina Gordeeva... The only two books ever that made me cry.
What else? Ah yes, I love Yubileini, which is the training center where I skate in St-Petersburg, Russia (where I normally live). Very, very, very cool place... Would never give it up for the world...
What do I wanna be when I grow up? A lawyer or a forensic pathologist... Probably the first one, only because medicine isn't really a strong field for me. I'd also love to try acting seriously, but I doubt that'll ever happen. Don't even start on fave songs: I have over a million, naturally...

Well, some thoughts/messages/whatever from me:
First of all, ANYONE who has similar interests is more than welcome to contact me.
Second of all, ANYONE who knows how to finish the second disc of "The X-Files" Game for PCs is also VERY welcome to contact me.

Maria Petrova & Alexei Tikhonov
For those of you that don't know who I was talking about earlier, this is my fave skating pair - Maria Petrova & Alexei Tikhonov of Russia...[Copyright (c) Tino Eberl]
Marina Anissina & Gwendal Peizerat
And this is my fave ice dancing couple, also mentioned above - Marina Anissina & Gwendal Peizerat of France... [Copyright (c) Eda Tseinyev]
I've walked through a fire in my dreams,
Just to pull it through...
But when I'm awake somehow it seems,
I'm just so hard on you.
I've made my mistakes, now, baby,
But I did the best I could,
It takes what it takes and sometimes
It takes longer than it should
To just live the kind of life we both
Have been dreaming of...
There are no mistakes in love...
Ignore that... I just love the song... I know, I know - sappy. Oh well.