1. First and foremost, because she's ALLY
2. Because she didn't copy her style off of anyone
3. Because she's the one and only
4. Because she's wonderfully insane
5. Because she reminds us of ourselves all the time
6. Because she's smart
7. Because she fantasizes (",like we never get to..." was one poster's clever response:))
8. Because she's not afraid to let the real her show
9. Because she's so unordinary and weird
10. Because we never really can understand her
11. Because she's addictive
12. Because she makes us smile :):):)
13. Just because... (a very common response...:))
14. Because she gives wonderful speeches
15. Because she also gives great closing arguments
16. Because she doesn't date ugly guys
17. Because she dances in the courtroom
18. Because she's very un-anything-within-the-merits-of-normal
19. Because she's herself and not what other people want her to be...
20. Because she's really vulnerable
21. Because she sings good (really!)
22. Because she's beautiful
23. Because she's a positive role model
24. This is where, up until the third season, "Because Billy is cute" stood... Since now he's anything BUT cute, it's irrelevant and didn't make the list...
25. Because everyone on the show has so many problems it's impossible to keep track of them
26. Because everyone on the show is cute and wonderful in their own way
27. One word: "Unisex"
28. Because of the questions and morals the show raises
29. Because of the wonderfully unique nature of the show itself
30. Because of the wonderful writing by wonderful David E. Kelley
31. Because she (sort of) got Greg back
32. Because she didn't really FALL for Bobby (everyone was convinced Kelley should keep the two apart; I agree: let Ally drool over guys on Planet Ally and Bobby drool over Lindsay on Planet Practice)
33. Just because again... (lol:)... Has this gotten boring? lol;-))
34. Did we mention she sings GOOD??? (I personally loved her "Dream Dream Dream" duet with Kevin in "The Green Monster"!!! Seriously!!!:))
35. Because of the wonderful characters (everyone mentioned this one...)
36. Because of wonderful Calista, Gil, Courtney, Peter, Greg, Lisa, Jane, Portia & Lucy (...and everyone mentioned the cast on a first-name basis...)
37. And did we mention CALISTA??? (I agree, she does deserve extra credit... A LOT of it...:))
38. Because everyone is nuts
39. Because the whole concept of the show is nuts
40. Because we still find over 40 reasons to keep us hooked on the feeling (actually, no one mentioned this... This was my idea...lol:))
41. The MUSIC!!! (Although everyone complains, MHO is that the music is great and suits the show very well...)
42. On that same note: Nelle's birthday present for John, the "70's Hell" Ally's stuck in, the inside joke w/the "Wedding Bell Blues" and etc. and etc.
43. And Boz Scaggs! (It's funny: almost no one mentioned Vonda or Barry White (the "musical regulars" of the show), but everyone was persistent in their thoughts that Boz Scaggs should make it to the list... OK, OK, I admit it, his songs in "Ally" ARE good...lol:))
44. Back to inside jokes: the tremendous amount of them which David creatively sneaks into the script
45. And did we mention the FABULOUS CAST??? (the cast was mentioned like 3 times in each and every post...lol)
46. Because it's a dramedy and no one can really figure it out
47. Because it's so...soo...sooo...soooooooooooooo...:)
48. Because it got "Outstanding Comedy Series": Aren't we proud?!
49. Because of everything else I forgot to mention...
50. Because it's smart, sexy, sophisticated, witty, hilarious, wonderful, nutty, fabulously written and acted even better, a slap in the face of "political correctness" (I take full credit (and blame) for that entry!:)) and a wonderful story about a wonderful girl and because NO ONE CAN CHANGE OUR MINDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On this joyful note I finish my listing of reasons for loving "Ally"... Reminder: if you want to submit your list for this page, please e-mail me and I'll gladly put it up on here... Thanks for stopping by!:)