"ALLY MCBEAL" Quiz - test your quote knowledge!

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1. "I am happy with all of my happiness ahead of me, see - I live my life as one happy person, and it makes me happy, happy, happy!" is from:

"Sex, Lies & Politics
"Being There"
"These Are The Days"

2. "Compared to *you*, the Titanic struck heat..." is:

Nelle to Ling in "Making Spirits Bright"
Ling to Nelle in "Sex, Lies & Politics"
Nelle to Ling in "Just Looking"
Ling to Nelle in "In Dreams"

3. According to Ally, the only two sure things in life are:

adultery & death
death & love
adultery & love
love & hope

4. Joel, Ally's steamy lover from "Car Wash", later admitted he thought she was a:

horseback riding instructor
yoga instructor

5. "I wanna find God, 'cause deep down I hope he's single..." - Ally in:

"Turning Thirty"
"Fools' Night Out"
"Worlds Without Love"
"The Real World"

6. "I don't want what I want and I want what I don't want... And to complicate it even more right now, I don't know what I want or... don't want..." is from:

"Fools' Night Out"
"Do You Wanna Dance"
"I Know Him By Heart"

7. "You are a *man*! You're supposed to take it any way you can get it!" - Ally in:

"Hope & Glory"
"The Playing Field"
"AMcB: The Musical"
"The Green Monster"

8. "No wonder you want a husband - you're already a wife!" is from:

"Sex, Lies & Second Thoughts"
"'Tis the Season"
"Do You Wanna Dance"
"Girls' Night Out"

9. Ally's fave literary work is:

"Catcher in the Rye"
"Romeo & Juliet"
"Henderson the Rain King"
"The Bridges of Madison County"

10. "There are no good men! I read this article - on average, there are TWO - per STATE!" is from:

"Love's Illusions"
"Only the Lonely"
"Turning Thirty"
"Alone Again"

11. "Things could be worse - in ancient China, your head would be cut off..." is Ling comforting Ally in:

"Car Wash"
"Just Friends"
"Do You Wanna Dance"

12. "Friendship is about sharing, Nelle..."
"Oh, yes, Ling, I keep forgetting - you live to share..." is from:

"Love On Holiday"
"Love's Illusions"
"Buried Pleasures"
"Troubled Water"

13. "I'm sorry I called you the biggest ass I've ever met. I'm sure there's at least one bigger - I just can't remember..." is from:

"Love On Holiday"
"Girls' Night Out"
"The Last Virgin"
"Sex, Lies & Second Thoughts"

14. What was the very first song played on "Ally McBeal"?

"Searchin' My Soul"
"Tell Him"

15. "Have you ever considered several birds could try to nest on it at the same time, the could fight, die, nature could suffer?"
"Yes. That's the first question I posed..." is from:

"'Tis the Season"
"Reasons to Believe"
"The Ex-Files"
"The Last Virgin"


15 - 13 pts: You're an expert:) Congrats!
12 - 8 pts: Not bad... :)
7 - 4 pts: Better luck next time...
3 - 0 pts: Eh...