-- Scoring/Analysis --
Ok, so you've taken the quiz and gotten your score... What's next? Next is finding out what it all means!

Score: 38-45;
Diagnosis: "There's no stigma to it, honey!"

Actually, there is... So if anyone EVER tries to give you Prozac with those words, get outta there as fast as you can! And not just because there's stigma... The truth is: you're just like Ally... You're insane, but not the kind of insane that needs treatment... you're the nice, harmless, wonderful kind of insane that shouldn't have anyone worried...

Score: 30-37;
Diagnosis: "In other words, you're normal and get outta my office...I have "real" psych patients to treat..."

You're totally normal... You, like everyone, will find quite a few similarities in yourself to Ally, yet you're able to just be totally yourself at times... That's really admirable!

Score: 20-29;
Diagnosis: "Don't forget your theme song, though!"

You're FINE... Sure, you're like Ally sometimes, but overall you're totally YOU... :) So, even if you secretly hoped that you'd score somewhere in between 38-45 to be "just like Ally", you really don't have anything to worry about:)...

Score: 15-19;
Diagnosis: Poughkeepsie...

Even though you scored measely, don't worry: there's still some similarity to Ally in you... There's a little Ally in everybody, actually!:)