The Characters

Ally McBeal

- the center of the firm's life. She's wonderfully wacky and extremely bent on marriage & motherhood, yet can't seem to find Mr. Right. Her boyfriend since age 8, Billy Thomas, broke up with her in Harvard and went off to pursue law studies & love in Michigan. Upon joining Cage & Fish, she finds out that Billy works there, too, and is now *gasp* married! Battling jealousy, love and sexual tension with other men, she spends her first year at her new job grieving over the loss of Billy's love. The two remain best friends, though, and go on to explore the fine line between love & friendship during the second year. They kiss, and this fact becomes known to Georgia, Billy's gorgeous & intelligent wife, also a lawyer who joined Cage & Fish at the beginning of Year 1. Addicted to love, fantasies, Ben & Jerry Ice Cream, dancing at the bar & inflatable dolls, she goes through life searching for real love in all sorts of wacky places - and gets in trouble quite a few times. A great lawyer & superb friend, she may annoy people at times but when in trouble, she's the one to turn to.