Thanks so much to ALPIE03 for posting this & my lurvely Megs for directing me to it:

If you go to you can read the different critics picks to win the emmy. Many believe that Calista is the front runner and it will probably depend on what episode she submits. When anyone finds out which one she does let me know. Here are what the critics say in Calista's category.

Matt Roush: Glad to see Calista come back into the category -- she and Robert Downey were terrific, and glad he got nominated as well for supporting actor. No arguments otherwise in this category. I wouldn't be surprised if Calista won (same goes for Robert Downey).

Tom O'Neil: Poor Calista. Year after year she couldn't nail this category while Helen Hunt hogged it. Then finally, when Hunt got out of the way last year, Calista wasn't nommed. But - hooray - she's back and now I agree with Matt and say she's probably the frontrunner. But let's see which Robert Downing Jr. episode she submits -- I'm reserving a prediction here until I watch it back to back with Patty Heaton's likely submission - "Cannister." I'll get back to you. Sorry, Lynette & Robert: For Sarah Jessica Parker, that big TV prize will remain -- like Mr. Big -- just beyond her grasp.

Robert Bianco: A tough category to pick. Right now, I'd say they give it to Flockhart, in part to reward "Ally" for its creative resurgence this year after most of us had assumed it was dead. (And can you blame us? It was horrible last year.) I wouldn't rule out Parker, though, if the younger voters go with her show and the older voters split.