AMCB: The Musical

WOW!!! What a great finale to a GREAT season!!! I absolutely ADORE the episode, every single thing about it is awesome:) (Gosh, this feels kinda weird, writing the 4th review in a row... And I'm writing totally NOT the way I used to, so it feels even weirder because of that... yeesh) That was SUCH a cool idea - to take the heart of the show - the music - and incorporate it even MORE into the show:) Of course, that opened a whole range of possibilities - including adding a few inside jokes, like Georgia's singing:) And of course, how could David NOT include something out of the Music Man - there was Brian & Ally with their wonderful duet:) (Hey, it was CUTE, okay?!) Now, while it *was* a musical, it still stayed pure "Ally" - it kept its serious side, with Ally's conversation with her mom and Nelle & John finally speaking to one another. I just love the way David writes that - the ep maintains everything "Ally", yet seems to stand out from the rest. That's truly amazing...

Though I LOVED the dinner scene, I didn't really get what Ally got so mad at her dad for. Sure, he was giving Brian a fairly tough time, but Brian seemed to be holding up pretty well. Ally was going NUTS! I loved her line afterwards, when Brian told her he wouldn't make love to her just because she was mad at her father - "You are a man, you're supposed to take it any way you can get it..." LOL:) That had me rolling on the floor for quite some time.

See, I TOLD you Nelle would come back!!!:) (that was to Jenna, who was sure she wouldn't...:)) "Ally" without Nelle is like "Ally" without John or Richard or Ling or... Ally! Wow, I just realized we're left with so few "important" attorneys at Cage & Fish (I don't really consider Mark so "important" YET...)... Yowch. That's sad. Makes me think of Billy... Okay, let's not go there. *sniff sniff*

Those flashbacks at the end were so cute! The scenes with Ally & her father were beautifully acted & shot, which was really important as it was essential to capture the right mood for the sequence. It's so awesome that Ally, while finally finding love, still managed to keep up a good relationship with her dad, and tell him that he was just AS important.

The bar scenes were HILARIOUS!!!:):):) "I'm sooo..." (Nelle) - " - drunk!" (Mark); "... we have to be totally honest with each other.... you have a bit of vomit on your nose..." (John to Nelle). Who was the redhead, btw? Did they ever say her name? She seemed like a real bitch. Arrrgh, even worse than Nelle was in "Hope & Glory". I dunno, I didn't like her from the beginning... well, whatever. I'm happy that everything's back to being fairly normal:)

FABULOUS ep! I hope Season 4 will be just as wonderful as Season 3 was:)
P.S. Oh yeah, and to Ally/John shippers - sorry, but the first song sequence clearly indicated that John & Nelle *do* have a future together:) I'm happy:)