AM-107 "The Attitude"

Original Air Date: 11/3/97

The Brief:

The one about the rabbi & Salad-Dressing Face.

The Verdict: & 1/2

Short Summary:
The title of this episode refers to Ally's behavior with a rabbi who won't grant Ally's client a divorce even though her ex-husband was hit by a bus and is now in a coma. She wants to remarry, but can't until she gets a ghett from her ex. Meanwhile, the episode also has another, slightly more important plotline. In the very beginning, just as Ally and Renee are at the courhouse, Ally sees a really hot DA named Jason Roberts. She tries to get Renee to introduce her to him. As they enter an elevator, Ally tries to block the doors to let Jason in and ends up on her behind in between the doors. He helps her up and in the meantime, Renee introduces them. "You can sure fall hard," Jason says. "You have no idea..." Ally replies. Renee gets out on the first possible floor to give Ally and Jason some time alone, and the two arrange for dinner. As Jason exits the elevator, Ally ends up between the doors again. At the office, Ally meets with her client, Karen, who is trying to remarry without a ghett from her comatose ex. Meanwhile, Georgia's then-boss tells her she's fired because his wife is jealous of them working side-by-side. Georgia talks to Billy, and they decide to ask John Cage first. He tells her about his strategy and asks her to go to her boss and tell him she's hired an attorney. She does, and asks him to meet with Cage. Ally gets to meet with the rabbi, and tries to persuade him to forget the rule just this one time. The rabbi doesn't like this, and doesn't like her "attitude" either. Obviously, he doesn't get any closer to letting Karen marry, and even forbids her to use his synagogue, although her ex has died that night and she no longer needs a ghett. She comes to Ally and tells her she's ruined her. Meanwhile, Cage refuses to meet with Burrows because he says he's "troubled". Georgia is a little concerned, but still keeps Cage as her lawyer. Next, we see Ally's date with Jason. Everything seems to be fine, except when his salad arrives, he ends up with dressing on his chin. The first drop is Ok, and Ally politely tells him to wipe it off, but then the second time it's more like a gob, and Ally ends up disgusted. Back at their apartment, Ally tells Renee she can't go out with Jason anymore because she will forever see him as "Salad-Dressing Face". Ally goes to back to the synagogue to try and talk to the rabbi again, and he surprises her by saying he would be glad to do the ceremony. Ally asks if his "common sense is pinched off by that thing on your head." He starts to laugh, and she demands to know "what part of me you're laughing at!". Cage meets with Burrows again and tells him that he will let all of his employees know exactly what happened. He says that money is the only way to go here...
The rabbi, apparently, is charmed by Ally, and comes to her office asking her out on a date. She plunges into a long explanation of why she can't agree to that, and Stern (the rabbi) explains that she could've just said "No, thank you."
What happens next is sure to shock & surprise you, as well as make you let out a laugh. Ally goes into the Unisex and opens a stall door, not noticing the stall's already taken... by GEORGIA! Ally sits on her lap, quickly realizes what happened, promises Georgia not to tell anyone and exits, blushing...
The next scene shows Ally talking to Renee at the courthouse. Renee sees that Roberts is entering an elevator and quickly pushes Ally into it... Ally & Jason engage in small talk, and then he asks her out again. After some hesitation, she grabs his faces, kisses him, gives him a senseless explanation and finishes off with "Call me."
Back at the firm, Billy, Georgia & Cage are meeting with Burrows. Cage forces him into settling, and they agree on $311,000, with Georgia leaving the firm in two weeks. Fish quickly understands that this is his chance and hires her. Everyone goes home happy...
Later, Ally returns to the synagogue to finally tell Stern that she's interested. She explains that instead of waiting for Mr. Right, she'll take chances with Mr. Not-Likelys, under the theory - "Who knows?".
At the bar that night, Ally tells everyone of her weekly plans - the DA on Tuesday, the rabbi on Thursday and "Chicago Hope" in between. Also, she tells Georgia she really does like her, and she's fine with working with her, but... "close the door".