Car Wash

... Of course, it was wonderful... Every "Ally" episode is... and of course, there were a few things wrong with it (as always, but I don't blame anyone: nobody's perfect, right?... To make the experience of reading this less painful for you, I'll just break it up into two parts: things I liked and things I didn't...
I. Things I liked:
1) The fact that "Ally" is still "Ally", even with it's small (and not so small) flaws... And the fact that it's still the best hour of TV... (splitting the no.1 position w/"The X-Files", though...)
2) Calista. She is such a wonderful and talented actress!
3) Calista's hair (and overall appearance). Very stylish new look... If only my hair resembled that.... (dream, dream, dream, Alex...)
4) John Cage... He's just wonderful!!! (And might I add: sexxxxeeeeeeeeeeeeee....:))
5) The writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kiss the ground David Kelley walks on!!! (btw, was anyone just in chat w/him? I was, he even answered a couple of my questions! He seemed really, really nice... I was like "WOW!!! IT'S REALLY DAVID!!!!" the whole hour... even now I'm a little shaken...:)lol)
6) The sex scene... I'm not a perv or anything, but it was really, really well shot...
7) The humor which Ally goes through life with and never seems to lose... (I guess this would fall under the writing category... I LOVE DAVID!!!)
8) The new opening credits thingie... Very well cut together... As are all of them!
9) The music... As always. Man I can't wait till the new CD comes out!!!
And that's about it... Well, of course there are small things like particular lines and scenes, but I don't want you guys to fall asleep reading this... overall, of course it was great. Wonderful. Superb. Brilliant. Fabulous. Every other synonym that I missed... and of course there's a great year ahead!!! Go Ally!!!
II. Things I didn't like:
(note, these small details are just my observations... I am in no way criticising the genius of the show or Kelley... I still believe it's great, but, like every show, it has it's flaws...)
1) WHAT THE &%$# happened to Gil Bellows? First he appears on "Regis & Kathy Lee" with a beard that makes him look like I can't even start to explain what, and then he (possibly shaves, but in that case he needs help) starts losing hair... And he's what, 32? He needs Propecia or something... What is with him? He used to be (and still kinda is, but the hair thing? ick ick ick) oh-my-god-so-cute, and now... thanks at least for shaving him... oh well, bygones people... moving on...
2) Calista looked, er, strange, in the very first scene when she was walking to work all wet... that only lasted for a second, though... By the time she got to the office she looked much, much better...
3) OK, what's with everyone looking strange the first time we see them in this one? Add to the list Nelle's, uh, WEIRD eyebrow thing... What's with that, charcoal black??? She is gorgeous, and part of that comes from that bright, light look her natural blondness gives her... er, GAVE her... actually, by the end of the episode it got better (maybe cuz in that one scene she was wearing black and it didn't really stand out), but the dark dark eyebrows for porcelain skin and sunny blonde hair? Eh... But again, who am I to judge? She's still gorgeous, though... Nonetheless...
4) And another hair observation (I'm focusing on the tops of people's heads too much, aren't I?): again, just in the first scene she's in, Georgia's hair looks like it's been bleached... what's that about??? and, uh, she looked kinda "staring into space" there... thankfully, that changed in the end when she went back to her normal color (hey, possibly that first time was just the lighting... very possible indeed), and looked really good... and her response to Ally's "My card..." - "I have it, thank you..." put me to the floor immediately! I was so LMAO! Ok, well, with that clear...
Anyways, despite the bad hair day (actually, judging by the opening credits, worse is still to come), the episode was excellent! this is totally gonna be a great season!!!:)