Oooh. Well, ya know, I have no idea how to start this... Well, the basics: good or bad? Good. Very, um, different, but good. Actually, the first half-an-hour or so were a bit too prolonged (in other words, boring),but the last half totally made up for it... You know, I even sort of enjoyed Farrah Fawcett (there is a very limited amount of guest actors/actresses that I like, topping the list are Tracey Ullman & Barry White), and even though I totally despised her character and knew there was absolutely no way that case could've been won by Bleach-head, there was something about her performance that was eye-catching... And let me make it even more official: I TOTALLY HATE BILLY!!!!!! He's a total asshole (excuse my language)... What else did I not like (I'll start with the down side today)? Well, I didn't like the limited amount of Ally/Calista, but the way David wrote her into the script and her performance throughout the episode was wonderful... Duh. She's always great. I like how David manages to have some characters' presence sort of into each scene without them actually being there... You can sense that about his writing. He's a genious:)... I also disliked... the case. It was dumb. It's just a parody to their first-season case with that anchor-woman who sued for sexual harrassment... Again. Are these lawyers capable of handling other lawsuits??? Or do they have alarms that go off at the word "normal"? (Although, Ally said it today while discussing Cage with... Cage, so I guess no alarms set there...). I also totally despise Sandy; she drives me nuts! She is always at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I loved how Georgia yelled at her in the Unisex today! Totally awesome... What did I love? Well, the Unisex thing, Calista/Ally, John (he's just such a darling! I love him!!!:)), Ling (I just have this soft spot for her... She's a great character and was very well-written today), Nelle & Fish... Nelle had that presence/non-presence quality today, which is very nicely portrayed by Portia. And I also totally loved Georgia in this episode, from beginning to end! I loved how she cried over her nameplate, how she shooed Sandy out of the Unisex, how she was talking about Ally's father & how she entered Billy's office and quietly put her ring on his desk... That last especially touched me, it was just so well-written and so WONDERFULLY acted! I think that in a couple of episodes, Pig-Ass Bastard will come crawling to her doorstep...
Other random thoughts: loved Ally's dress (when she was in the Unisex with John), but I think she sort of confused the seasons there.... It's not summer STILL (or YET!)!!! I also loved Cage's boxing gloves, and everything and anything else that I totally forgot to mention... That was a terrific episode!!!:)