Blue Christmas

This is one of those episodes that has you laughing one minute and crying the next - literally… You also find yourself amidst the case - cases like this call for support & sympathy from the viewer as well. The way David writes episodes like this, the way everyone acts - it's not even acting, you forget you're watching a show, you become part of the plot, like an outsider who actually knows everything that's going on. I'm not sure there really was anything NOT to like about this episode; except, maybe, Billy & his "bitch, bitch, bitch" speech. What did he expect? For Georgia to jump up and immediately say yes to the date proposal? You know, say whatever you want about Georgia's morals and whether it was wrong or right of her to kiss Ally's father, but Billy's caused her MUCH more pain. First there was Ally; well, dismiss that, saying "Oh, something they had to go through…". Ally - yes, she had to. Billy - no. If Ally were with someone as seriously as Billy was with Georgia at the time (like married or just engaged), Ally would NEVER have even THOUGHT about kissing him, no matter how great he had been in the past or at that time still was… Maybe it's just that you let Ally make mistakes (yes, it was a mistake, but it was a necessary one) and dismiss them because you feel sympathy for her. Because she's the heart of the show, she's the key figure, she constantly has you on her side. I dunno. But it was wrong of Billy to kiss her. Because as I recall it, HE initiated it. He couldn't keep his thoughts to himself, it was HIS fault. Yes, Ally went along with it, but what was she supposed to do? Yes, she was with Greg and all that, but she didn't understand yet how much she loved Greg, she just went along with the feeling that was familiar to her - Billy. Note, I didn't say she loved him. Because she didn't. Neither did he. They just had to END their relationship with one final kiss, to bring them both back down to Earth and to open their eyes to the world around them. They didn't end their relationship in Harvard when he left because he didn't tell her the truth, and they didn't end their relationship when she came to work at Cage & Fish because she was still getting over the shock of losing him. That final kiss ended everything and helped them understand what was really going on; it helped Billy understand how much he loved Georgia and helped Ally understand that yes, everything WAS over and that somewhere inside there still was that lost feeling for Greg…
Ooops, I got a bit TOO carried away with that. Anyway, then there was that Robin chick, but there's really nothing to even comment on there - DUMB. Billy was dumb, he was in the midst of his little "transformation" and went along with anything that came to him. What came to him was that "big-haired blonde thing" (using Ling's expression). It's good that Georgia said no, it'll open his eyes. Hopefully, someday he'll look at himself and say with disgust "What have I become???"… When Billy admits it to himself, Georgia will start CONSIDERING the possibility of taking him back. For now, he's gonna hafta settle for what he has - a half-dead work relationship with a slut-assistant. Fun, eh?

Well, I sorta went the wrong way in the beginning… I meant to start with the good, but I guess the good will be after the bad. The good in this episode is, well, everything. One thing that this episode was really important for, I think, is to show just how much of an ensemble they really are. Everyone has problems, lives, quests, joy & sadness, but when something shatters the life of another, everyone is there. The outcome, sad as it is, was predictable - it was clear Elaine wouldn't be able to keep the baby, but the story would have to be more interesting than a court ruling against it. Personally, considering the good points John made at the end about selfishness, if I were Elaine, I'd really look into fighting for the baby. That Lynne chick didn't look at all trustworthy; Elaine knew she'd be a great mother for this baby, and to just hand him over to someone who abandoned him!? It might have been selfish to an extent to fight for him, but it really WOULD be in the child's best interest. Ally's right, "biological" doesn't mean fit for parenting.

Another important reason for this outcome & story is to showcase all the characters in roles they'd never played before. Elaine as a mother, Ling & Nelle as babysitters, Ally as sexy yet gentle & caring, the guys as male support and so on. Everyone did a fantastic job, meaning not just the characters, but the actors as well! Fabulous…

Well, on to small details. I saw no point in Georgia's telling DSS about Elaine's inventions & so on. Sure, it's important to an extent, but totally irrelevant of the situation. So anyway, I saw no point in that, and frankly don't even know why David wrote that part. Sure, DSS would had to have found out somehow to have an argument & a case, but why have Georgia tell? I just didn't get it.

And my last comment… Well, last two. First of all, John is sooooooooooo sweet!:) I guess you knew that… Second of all, Ally CAN sing! I loved her "Dream Dream Dream" duet with that Kevin dude last season, and now "Santa Baby"… Fab:)

Anyway, I loved the episode (I seem to love all of them:)) and hope the rest of the season will be just as good as the first 8 eps!!!!!!