AM-102 "Compromising Positions"

Original Air Date: 9/15/97

The Brief:
The introduction to all of the nutcases on the show: The Biscuit and his moments, Fish with neck wattles and Happy Boyle with his tooth fetish.

The Verdict:
& 1/2

Short Summary:
Ally is having dinner with Fish, his girlfriend (also a legal-eagle) Whipper and a new client Fish is desperate to please, Ronald Cheanie. When Whipper and Cheanie leave the table to go to the bathroom, Fish tells Ally he only asked her to come so Cheanie would sign a deal with them. When Ally excuses herself to go to the ladies' room herself, she sees something she wasn't supposed to see: Whipper and Cheanie are kissing in the back of the restaurant. She struggles over whether to tell Fish or not, and for now decides against it. Back at the office, Fish's co-partner, John "The Biscuit" Cage is arrested for soliciting a prostitute. Ally and Billy are on the case, and soon Ally figures out that Billy has something against the judge that Boyle doesn't want him to share... The charges against Cage are, ultimately, dropped. Ally goes to Elaine for information on what this is that Billy isn't supposed to share, and finds out that while at Billy's bachelor party, both him and Boyle slept with hookers. When Ally confronts Billy about this, he tells her Georgia doesn't know... She tells Billy not to tell his wife about this, and when he tries to, Ally stops him. Meanwhile, she decides to tell Fish about what she saw happen between Whipper and Cheanie. While Fish is pissed, he and Whipper quickly make up in a bathroom stall. The night after the kissing incident, Ally goes to the bar with Cheanie for drinks, and he keeps asking about the firm when finally Ally tells him she saw the kiss. He explains this in a pretty lame way, but Ally buys it and even lets him walk her home. The next day at lunch, Georgia shows Ally that men and women are totally different when it comes to sex. To demonstrate, she turns around and offers sex to a guy on the next bar stool. He accepts, but of course she tells him she thought he was someone else. When Ally tries, she's horrified at the result because the guys she offers it to turns out to be an old friend of her brother's...