The Ex-Files

... I'm speechless. This was just... I know many may not agree, knowing how everyone - even I - cried when Billy died last season, but this was just... simply *the* most fabulous, emotional, wonderful, best best BEST episode EVER! (At least for me... :o)) This was just soooooo spectacular... I'm in silent hysteria here, to give you an idea of what state I'm writing this in... Wiping away tears. It was just sooo... great. Just the way everything came together, and the way... you know, I have to kick my own ass for thinking that -- well, you know, I am fairly sure - or at least I *was* fairly sure - that there are no perfect men. And if he's wonderful in every way possible SO FAR, it's more likely than not that he's *still* got some big issue hidden deep down, but Larry... I guess I expected him to expose that "issue", which he did - almost... But the way he spoke to Jaimie about Ally, and the scene at Ally's apartment, and just... everything... he was just so... perfect... And they're all weak for pretty women, I mean, I guess you'd *expect* them to be, otherwise they wouldn't be regarded by society as "men", really... But... I keep comparing him to Billy, and Larry is just so superior to him in every possible way... God, I probably sound stupid. But this has become my little diary, and I feel I must write what I think... Robert is just SUCH a powerful actor, with such DEPTH, such EMOTION... And I'm sure portraying the closest thing to a perfect guy you can find on this planet and beyond helps that, too :o) And, you know, this hits close to home, because my Geoff reminds me so much of Larry... (Or vice versa, I guess... :o)) WOW. I just can't think of anything else to say... He's just SO fantastic!!! I'm really doing myself a favor by leaving on Wednesday, I'm sparing myself the pain of seeing *Larry* leave, but... I *will* see that fateful ep soon. And... I find it completely ridiculous (I know this is off-topic, but I *have* to vent) that people with drug problems in this country go to jail rather than rehab... It's completely stupid, never mind unfair... Prison is for people who are dangerous to society, addicts are only hurting themselves... I have a friend who's a rather well-known lawyer in Napa, California, and she has been doing an awfully good job of convincing me everything will be OK for him. She says it's just a big case the prosecution needs to try - and will most likely LOSE - in order to try & fortify the general public's faith in the American legal system and say "Well, just because they're rich & famous doesn't mean they're allowed to do whatever they want..." But what they don't get is that no one's really SAYING that. I'm sure if Robert were just an average guy with an average salary and an average life, NO ONE would be pushing for FOUR YEARS - four MONTHS, maybe, and that in REHAB, not jail... Which brings me to my next point - has the world (or at least this country) really come to a situation where someone may be prosecuted ten times stricter just because he's been fairly lucky compared to the average citizen??? If they need a big case to "fortify" public trust & faith, doesn't that say something about the PUBLIC??? And THE COUNTRY ALTOGETHER??? Geez, they say Russia's screwed up...

And lemme just get this outta my system - the BITCH always gets what she deserves.

Okay. My side notes: 1. Loved Richard in the restaurant scene in the very beginning... He is just SUCH a unique character! Richard Fish is probably the one character who is funny at any time, any place, any situation... Wow. He's great.
2. I went on and on about Larry in this ep, but forgot to mention Ally... WOW. Calista was FANTASTIC! It's really very interesting to see Ally on the other side of the relationship crisis, where she's not the old girlfriend trying to win back an old boyfriend (i.e. Greg, Billy, etc...), but rather the new girlfriend battling AGAINST the old girlfriend... And I hafta say, as a young woman, it would take me A LOT - and I mean A LOT; I dunno if I'm even CAPABLE of that amount - of strength to resist just forgiving him the very second he walked into my door (Larry looks so much like my puppy!!! Well, my dog's actually four and a half already, but he's still a puppy to me:))... But Ally held up, and even yelled back at him (go Ally! Girl power! :o))... And the last montage scene was just PERFECT:)... (Lav, you're just ecstatic, aren't you? So am I... :)) Awesome:) P.S. Loved the pencils:)
3. We've never seen Ling face something like this, and it was a pleasant break from her usual very entertaining, but also what's grown to become very usual, iciness... And this whole sub-plot dealing with Ling's feelings and her facing an important decision, a decision that would determine the outcome of a friendship she'd obviously grown to cherish... Really really great. I also liked how Ling was very straightforward about Richard, Randy, and the difference between the two...
4. Okay, talk is FLOODING all the "Ally" boards that Ms. de Rossi is preggers. Sorry, don't buy it. If she were, the Enquirer or some equally revolting publication would be all over it in the blink of an eye. News like *that* doesn't stay secret in Hollywood for long... I'm leading all of this to the point that Portia looked fabulous in this ep.
5. Love Heche. Love John. I'm still an ardent (some would even say "rabid") Nelle + John shipper, but Heche & John (I mean Melanie & John :)) are really cute together... It's gonna be sad to see her leave. She - her character - brings a very refined weirdness to the show, and definitely not in a bad way... :) (Hmmm... "refined weirdness"... such expressions... See what large doses of RDJ do to me???)
6. I have "River" set to play over and over and over again as I'm typing this, so I just must put in a word on the song played at the very end... With Larry starting and later Vonda joining in to take over as he & Ally... okay. You got my point... Woooooow. Very awesome song:)

"You're not *her*... She's it." - that just says everything. (Ya know, I'm really trying to think of a way I could POSSIBLY survive without RDJ on the show, but as of right now, I'm still failing to find one... Okay, okay, I'm only thinking happy thoughts *forcibly smiles*...)... Oh boy. This is gonna be hard.

"Wish I had a river... I could skate away on..."