Just Friends

Well well, very nice to FINALLY see all of you again:) As some of you know, I was on a little "trip" this past month and didn't have access to the Net, so I hope you didn't miss me too much;-p J/K:) On to my thoughts -
Um, I don't even know where to start. Ya know, call me crazy, but I have this weird thing - I write comments to shows... during the show. Yes, really. I have these notebooks, one for Ally and one for The X-Files where I write down things that come to mind AS I watch the eps... Things like "Yay!" or "Cool" or "Sweet" or "Cool line (and then I write down the line I liked)" and so on... So anyway, the most common word in today's comments was "Cute"... That's how I'd describe it - Cute. Great performance by Peter, fab Calista and an EXTRAORDINARILY great performace by Jane Krakowski. My thoughts may be a bit off topic, but they're still thoughts, so I guess I might as well write 'em down for the world to see...
1. As I said, great Peter. GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT PETER!!! He's so adorable, the way John is just sooo... he's the kind of guy you want to run to when it seems the whole world is against you, the kind of guy who always finds the right things to say and the kind of guy that can't possibly be hated because there's too much to adore about him... I can totally understand Ally. And I can totally understand John as well (I've been saying this for two years now, btw:)) when he said that he didn't want to jeopardize their friendship by trying out dating... It's too precious a thing to lose, and they both understood that, only John for real and Ally subconsciously. And again, I LOVE JOHN!!!!
2. On to one of my fave parts - the appearances... Hideous blue shirt on Ally's part. Ick ick ick. I don't know how she expects to land dates in that... Doesn't she have enough fab CK suits to pick from???
Georgia... OH DEAR GOD. I can understand the hurt and all of a divorce, but PEROXIDE isn't the way to go, dear!!! And certainly chopping off half of your hair won't help get Billy back into your life either!!! She looks like a cross between Billy & Michelle Kwan post-chop (sorry, I'm a skater, so I have weird analogies)... And to think that two months ago she was the one yelling "You look like Billy Idol!" to her husband... She's not far from him herself... Her haircut in the beg. of the series was nice, but I do agree that the California Blonde look doesn't exactly go with Armani suits in a law firm. Then there was the perfect haircut - smart, sexy, conservative and yet revealing, showing off her cheekbones and eyes... So, the question lies in the area of... WTF DID SHE HAVE TO CHOP HERSELF FOR????
Calista also cut her hair, but it looks nice. Not very different from her previous style, but nice.
And I gotta say that while Jane looked FAB in black and with the conservative straight hair, I missed the "fun" Elaine in her... I hope everything will be normal in the next new ep:)
*And may I add - that Bob guy was UG-LEE!!!! I mean, what was he talking about "May I come in?"... I wouldn't even agree to stand next to him in public, much less DATE him!!!
*And another thing - Nelle is gorgeous, but her hair looks better when it's curled a bit at the ends... Just straight hair is boring.
3. Um, well, back to actors/characters. Loved Jane/Elaine, as I've already mentioned. They seem to be showcasing her this season, first with the baby one ["Blue Christmas", AM-308](that had me almost drown in tears, btw) and now with this... But it's great, though... Jane has tremendous potential as an actress and her talent has been showing through from day one, but now it's become more complete, more.... I dunno, can't think of the right word. Anyway, she was great and has been all this season:)
4. Last note and not so cheerful - does anyone else HATE Sandy??? She always shows up at the wrong place at the wrong time and constantly goes from being the slut-assistant to the goody-two-shoes professional... She pisses me off so much!
P.S. I only today got to see "The Life & Trials of Ally McBeal", and though it was a bit different from what I expected, I still loved it... The actors said some great things about the characters, very smart insights... What surprised me though was that David didn't have a part at all in it. Oh well, who knows, maybe his schedule was packed or something?
So anyway, I loved the ep and can't wait till the next new one!!!