AM – 416 “The Getaway”
Well, I must say that though *now* I’ve seen all of the episodes I’d missed, this one was the first I sat down to watch last night. Looking through my comments, I find few in-depth thoughts (probably because I was straight off the third plane in a row), constant LOLs and about a hundred “NO DOWNEY????!!!!” s. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to AT LEAST several minutes devoted to him last night (weren’t we all), and while lack of him didn’t really *spoil* the ep, I imagine I would’ve been a bit more enthusiastic about it had he been on.

Richard was definitely the star of this episode – Germann was fantastic from beginning to end :o) Loved the plane scenes – fab :) This was just wonderful – he’s always remarkably funny, and being placed in unusual circumstances just triples the laughs… Great great great stuff:)

I love John, I’m sure everyone does, but this soppy storyline with first Melanie, then this chick is really starting to bug me. Heche was great, but towards the end it all got a little too monotonous. This lady was – um, how do I put this? – strange… strangER. MUCH stranger. I want John in a relationship that actually has a FUTURE. (… say it with me – yes, yes, the “N” word…)

Among the highlights of the ep – Anastasia, who’s great, and lots of sunny Cali scenes:) Just whatcha need for a rainy March (the weather in Russia was freakin’ insane!)

Good ep. Next week looks delicious (doesn’t take too many guesses to pinpoint what I mean, does it? :o))