Seeing Green

Ok, I'm baaaaaaaack! *hee hee:)*
Anyways, my weekly thoughts (I know no one's interested, I just to don't have anywhere else to post this...:))
Well, let me start with the fact that although this episode was good, it got a little lost... I was a little disappointed because it sort of didn't really have an ending... I mean, it did, but you know how at the end of every episode there's like a final thought? Well, I sensed that this one lacked that... Maybe that's just me... Anyway, I think that without that one final thought, the episode sort of lost its importance in the long run... First of all, a lot of unanswered questions and missing links: Where'd Tracy go? What is Ally, stupid, to go to a therapist like that? Where'd Billy's little "complex" start? What happened after the slap/kick in the Unisex? Why is Elaine suddenly oozing sex (I mean, come on... A little is OK, but sticking your tongue down a married man's throat? Will Georgia get pissed about this like she did with Ally? Is Billy planning to tell her again?) I guess a lot of these questions will be answered in the next ep, but still I didn't feel that that episode had closure... Whatever... Anyway, apart from the fact that it went downhill in comparison to the first two eps, I still had quite a few likes:
1. Well, duh Ally! Calista was great in this one, even if the storyline was kind of REALLY weird... And I knew she wouldn't take those pills cuz even she knows she's supposed to be insane! The wonderful kind of insane, the kind that doesn't need Prozac... THAT is truly an admirable quality...
2. Georgia & Billy (and for a few moments Fish with his little "lecture") were, IMO, the other highlight of this episode... It gave us a glimpse into just THEM, and plus added a little speculation about the future... Very nicely done:).
A year ago, after the premiere of the ep. "The Real World" (AM-201), someone somewhere mentioned a thought that stuck with me throughout the first couple of eps and then I forgot about it until now: in a lot of eps, "Ally McBeal" isn't really "Ally McBeal" anymore... It's more "The Friends of Ally McBeal" or "Ally McBeal & Her Friends"... Now, this was said in regard to the second season, which I didn't find to quite match this description (esp. with the middle-of-the-season outings such as "Pyramids On The Nile", "Sideshow", "Sex, Lies & Politics" and "Civil Wars":):):)), this episode did... The firm & its inhabitants fuction independently of Ms. McBeal & her problems... I'm pretty sure that this will change, but again: no one knows... Anyhow, I'm not saying the episode was bad... Different, yes... A little disappointing-yes again... But not in any way "bad" or any synonym... ~bygones~