Heat Wave

What the ????? I mean, seriously, Kelley is going into depths that he won't be able to climb out of soon... He leaves storylines unfinished while he goes off to explore others, and it's getting a little too risquee... I mean, the show's still totally awesome, but I'm afraid he'll go someplace with the plotlines and never come back... He's a genious, duh, but it's just getting a little scary that the show will get off track. Not that I don't like the new season (I LUV the new season!!!:)), but I sorta miss the first too seasons where everyone was crazy, nice, pretty/cute & sorta kinda happy... That was fun. Now, everyone's nostalgic, too weird and not so nice... So many unanswered questions in this episode as well:
1) Where's the Richard/Whipper thing gonna go?
2) WILL BILLY PLEASE TAKE SOME PROPECIA AND COLOR HIS HAIR BACK?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, COME ON, he's become a total jerk, and add to that his freakin' hairdo: total grounds for divorce... I'm all for Georgia here: WHAT THE &%$@ IS HE THINKING??????? And I would NOT want to be Gil Bellows' wife right now; to have your husband come home looking like THAT??? He'll scare his baby daughter into hell off of one look!!! OMG, DAVID, PLEASE!!! Give us back the normal BILLY!!!!!!!!
3) uh-hum, back to questions: how's the Nelle/John thing gonna unwind?
4) What is Georgia doing with THAT GUY???? She's young and attractive, she could just find anyone else to be with while Billy's in his mid-life crisis... But HIM??? OF all people??? He looks older than my grandpa, for god's sake!!!
5) Where's the new assistant plotline gonna go? They made such a big deal out of it, and it turned out to be a minor thing... But will she stay on?
6) WHAT'S WITH LING??? ('nuff said...)
8) And last but not least: David is turning into Chris Carter with his little teaser phrases/scenes/jokes/quips... Which one of the bunch will be leaving in Dec.? I think Whip... B/c no one else really can... I dunno...
My only and main thought today is that Calista and Peter both looked really, really, really good. ~bygones~