Hope & Glory

Awwww, I LOVE this episode as well, though I absolutely CANNOT BELIEVE Nelle (actually, I *can* believe that she was quite capable of that, I just didn't ever expect her to do it...)... arrrgh. Though I love her viciousness, she was just bitchy over the top here. And all this - to realize that she really DID love working at Cage & Fish?! (whoops, skipped ahead to the finale... sorry:)) But then again, in the long run it really WAS worth it. It gave Elaine a chance to realize that the firm really *did* regard her as a great person and as a highly-qualified assistant, and it gave Nelle a chance to taste her own medicine. "I appeal!" - "You CAN'T appeal! I'm BINDING..." But - OWCH - $300,000 was QUITE a sum... Well, that should probably teach Nelle to think twice before doing something stupid again... Portia & Peter were absolutely wonderful here - they're so great together!

Awwwwww, Ally & Brian look SOOOOOOOO cute together!!!!!:):):):):) I mean, even better than with Greg! (ok, so maybe not better by MUCH. But still...) She just lights up with him, totally transforming into a happier, more optimistic Ally:) Calista was amazing - I especially loved the binding arbitration scenes, and of course Ally & Brian at the bar. As I said, they're so adorable together:)

The end sequence was really sad, actually - everyone with someone, having fun, and Nelle's alone, sipping wine in an isolated office. But then again, she probably got what she deserved... The whole episode was shot & edited together really well, but I especially enjoyed the end sequence - great mood transfers. Really, really awesome:)