AM-103 "The Kiss"

Original Air Date: 9/22/97

The Brief:
The one about the lady suing for age-discrimination and the one where Ally is first dumped, then un-dumped by Cheanie.

The Verdict:

Short Summary:
This episode marks Ally's first "official" date with Cheanie. They dance, cuddle, he walks her home, and at her door he gives her a peck on the cheek (!? What's up with him?)... Ally is VERY disappointed, to say the least... At work the next day, Georgia asks Ally to be co-counsel in a case involving TV anchorwoman Barbara Cooker who is suing her former TV station for sex and age-discrimination. She says she was fired on the basis of a viewer survey, in which the male audience revealed that most of them didn't want to have sex with her... Ally is more than happy to help, especially since finding out that Butt-Grabber Billings is opposing counsel. Back at home, Ally, Georgia and Renee are discussing Ally's disappointing date with Cheanie. Just as Ally yells that Cheanie is gay, she hears a knock on the door and when she answers it, she finds Cheanie standing there. She has another fantasy sequence in which her face turns really, REALLY red and steam is coming from it... At the office the next day, Cheanie dumps Ally (who is picturing herself thrown into a dumpster at this time)... In the courtroom, Ally gets the manager of the station to admit that he fired Cooker based because the "stupid viewers don't care about the news, just about the looks of the person delivering the news...". Later, Ally goes to Cheanie, who tells her he dumped her because he thought she'd never be happy in a relationship... She tells him that he's wrong, that she might be exactly what he's looking for. Ally's closing arguments the next day win the case, although she was a little rude accusing the jurors of being the "stupid viewers" who got Cooker fired. Nonetheless, even despite Billings's offer for $400,000 which is rejected by Cooker while the jury deliberates, the court awards her $930,000 in damages. That night, Ally and Cheanie have a double date with Billy and Georgia. While they're dancing, Cheanie leans towards Ally and gives her a nice, satisfying kiss...