Love On Holiday

NOTE: I saw this ep, and, needless to say, LOVED it. However, last night when I was watching it, I was overloaded with "Ally" eps, so - due to my own stupidity - I accidentally mixed up several papers with notes, which made it hard to actually figure out which goes where... So anyway, this'll be short since I don't have much material at hand...

Wonderful ep. A slap in the face for everyone who doubts that Nelle has feelings. Needless to say, I felt extremely sorry for her... This ep also showed us her own views on herself, which was quite interesting, to say the least:)... I really like Nelle - she's a great character, but she's also a difficult character to figure out. Now, moving on... since my mommy dearest didn't tape neither "The Last Virgin" NOR "'Tis The Season" (a circumstance which accounts for the absence of reviews for those eps), I only found out John was dating Kimmy(+Mommy) in this ep... OH MY GOD!!!!! HOW CAN HE????? She is everything an attractive, interesting woman SHOULDN'T be, and MORE! I understand it's just for laughs, but I would expect JOHN to have better taste! (I am *still* an ardent Nelle + John shipper :)... For some reason I have this feeling that the case presented in "The Man With The Bag" will serve as a foundation for the renaissance of their romance...) This sounds kind of silly 'cause, well, they're fictitious people, but still... It's fun to draw parallels to real life:)

Okay, that's about all:) Must I repeat that Robert Downey Jr. is wonderful???:) And he and Ally (Cal) are so lovely together!!! :))))