"Mr. Bo" AM - 411

Hurray! Yippee! We *finally* get to see that Ally's a lawyer! *gasp* Not only is Ally one, it also appears (who'da thunk it?) her *friends* are lawyers! How wonderful!

*ahem* Okay. Never mind that little bit. This ep was wonderful, in that classic "Ally" way:) No children (not that I mind Sam:)), no exes, no bother... I, resembling few representatives of *my* generation, am really digging this oldie theme DEK's got going - Gloria Gaynor, Chubby Checker, The Works... Great stuff. Of course, you *gotta* love RDJ on the dance floor - Elaine was good, but Ally & Larry were sleek. Wonderful message to Elaine in the end - "If you put it on the mantelpiece, this is who you are, and you're way more than that. Now, if you put it in a drawer, it's what you've accomplished." Music, moves, RDJ and Chayanne - what else could anyone wish for? :o)

Anne Heche is great. Really. Scout's honour. But this is just *pushing* the limits. And I understand that it was the ultimate test for John, but why test him at all - taking up half, if not more, of an episode - if it's clear the relationship won't even last up to the season finale? It would've been better if it would've been shorter. No need to slobber over the ordeal.

Ling is fantastic, a character you can't ever grow tired of. Loved the bar scenes. Wonderful stuff. As for court - it's great to see Ally still *remembers* how to litigate :o) j/k. She was fabulous in court, though, and the message she was defending was actually very true & realistic. Court is fun:o)

Overall, great. That little 4-episode outing - "Reasons to Believe", "The Ex-Files", "Mr.Bo" and "Hats Off to Larry" - is about as perfect as television gets. Yay!:o)