The Oddball Parad

NOTE: I copy/paste these from my reviews on the "AMcB" board on Bolt. This means that some of the content is message board-targeted. Please excuse any small mistakes:)

OK, first of all I'd like to start by warning you that this may not be what you normally expect of my ramblings cos throughout the whole ep I was worried about whether I was taping it on the right cassette or not, and so I had to miss the first minute or so cuz I was desperately searching for a clean tape... Also, a technical question: something weird happened. I had "In Search Of Pygmies" taped, and then had an hour left on that tape... My teacher asked me if she could watch it, and forgot to return it in time, so I taped "Pursuit of Loneliness"(the one with Hammond) on a different tape. Now, tonight I decided to tape "The Oddball Parade" on that previous tape (the one with one hour left), and I freaked out when I saw that I had taped over something... That something turned out to be the last few secs of a really really long-ago ep. Like it copied over or duplicated itself (just those 30 secs or so) or something... has this ever happened to you? Or is my tape cursed or something??? Just wondering...

Alright, back to comments:
Um, loved the contest:) Go Ally!!!! I thought her dance rocked, though I didn't get the whole "20 Billies(sp?) in the room" deal, I still considered it absolutely WONDERFUL!!! [As I said, I'm a little off-track today, so this format is, um, weird...] It's really great that she & Billy got their friendship back, because it's really the best way for them to be connected to one another. Did I ever mention I HATE Sandy?????? I honestly thought Ally would bring up Georgia somewhere in that little chat she & Billy had, but no, our dear Ally had to make it all about HER... not that I object, though:)

I thought the case was so sweet, especially John's closing argument:) Though I was totally on his side, I kinda thought they'd lose. [HA! THEY LOST! Take THAT, you people who say that they never lose!!!]

"Whackadoos"? LUVED Fish in this one... I always do, actually. He has this matter-of-factness to him that makes everything that comes out of his mouth comical. Loved the reference to the Boston Terrier, too... "Cousin It" in the courtroom was so adorable, by the way!!!

I've said it before, and I say it again - does anyone know the contact info of Cal's costume manager??? I would've DIED for those plaid pants!!! (Of course, to wear those you gotta have nice legs, which I lack, so I guess it's for the best...)

I gotta say, I was about to cry when that lady came up to Elaine and told her she'd been the best, and then they cut to Ling... She is so SWEET! I know, I know, she's vicious and all, but she's so warm & caring inside:)

On to appearances: where'd the bangs go??? They were so CUTE! Nelle looked like a porcelain doll... Sandy - ugly as always. Billy - 'nuff said. Where's Georgia??? I really thought she'd be tied into this, but guess not... umph:(

OK, was that too weird? Hope not... and can anyone help me out with the tape thing?