Buried Pleasures

Well well... What have we here... A very nice episode with an interesting plotline. Very good. I won't be writing this in my "Likes-Dislikes" format because, frankly, I honestly don't know what to like or dislike about this one... Just overall comments:
1)Oooooh. Billy. Awful. Hair. Ugh. Poor Georgia. Yuck.
2)Fabulous performances by both Calista and Lucy! This plotline was VEEEERY risky and was sure to raise a lot of contradicting rants in the press, but it's great that David took the opportunity and showed us a different side of Ally and Ling. Cal and Lucy did a wonderful job in this episode...
3)I've noticed that people started calling Ally a lesbian ever since this episode... DID YOU GUYS EVEN WATCH IT??? The main point was to show that everyone has fantasies and although not everyone acts on them, some people do and that's TOTALLY normal! It certainly doesn't mean Ally is gay or bi or whatever; it means she's not afraid to be who she is, and that's a quality I greatly admire in her.
4)I didn't like this case... First of all, I didn't get it. Second of all, it was too interwined with other stuff to make sense... I didn't like that. Loved Renee's "king-kong pig" speech, though... Billy totally deserved it.
5)Loved the scene where Ally & Ling talk about their kiss... That's so deep down and yet not "drowning", and David managed to write that so well! He's a genius. Well, I'll end by saying that it was a very good episode... Sorry this is so short, I'm just really tired. I may add more later.:) ~bygones~