AM-106 "The Promise"

Original Air Date:10/27/97

The Brief:
The one about the fat attorney who falls for Ally

The Verdict:

Short Summary:
Ally and Renee are at home, singing "Goodnight, My Someone"... When they understand that the song is about a woman "just like them", Ally concludes that she hates pianos. At work the next day, the men are drooling over the delivery girl (Richard explains this by saying that when a male looks at "THAT", he becomes "Homo erectus"...) "You can give them law degrees, dress them up, but in the end? Neanderthals..." says Ally of them. At the morning meeting, we find out that Cage is arraigned for prostitution, and he and Ally go to court to defend a prostitute who happens to be a former lawyer... Another case has Ally defending an ice-cream store which is being sued by another ice-cream store for use of it's name(but this case seems to unimportant). What's really important is that Ally's opposing counsel is a very fat man who has a heart attack in the hallway of the courthouse, and Ally saves him with mouth-to-mouth CPR. Harry (the opposing counsel) tells Ally later in the hospital that he's never felt a kiss like Ally's, and that he seems to be falling for her, so he tries to cancel his wedding to the also overweight Angela. He asks Ally if she thinks it's OK to marry a woman not because she "The One", but because she's "The Only". He says Angela doesn't really make his heart bounce, and Ally advises him not to marry her and to hold out for someone who would make his heart bounce... In her next case, she's defending Sandra Winchell (the prostitute), who said she quit law practice because the married men were trying to seduce her, and finishes her speech with the words "Fidelity, marriage - men just aren't built for it..." "Objection!" yells Ally, but quickly realises what she's done and withdraws it. Cage get Sandra acquitted by arguing that prostitution laws are hypocrisy. Ally later asks him if he believed in that and he said he made that argument because he "was paid to...". A frustrated Angela comes into Ally's office and confronts her about her talk with Harry. "Sometimes when you hold out for everything, you get nothing..." she states. With that in mind, Ally talks Harry into marrying Angela. That night at the bar, Cage muses about his case, sex laws and the world... "The world is no longer a romantic place. Some of its people still are, however... Don't let the world win, Ally McBeal..." he tells her. On this note, the episode ends...
(*Please forgive me if this wasn't quite a full or accurate summary... I've only seen this episode once and a very long time ago, so I don't remember much...*)