Sex, Lies & Second Thoughts

Alright, it’s 12:04 am, so I’ll make this short… Lovely ep! :) (I’m back in the US for the holidays and through the middle of January, so I’m catching up on eps, though my *ahem* mother didn’t tape all the eps so far – I’m missing SEVERAL… I know I should be happy for what I got, but our understandings of the word “promise” evidently are completely opposite one another…) Alright, “revenons a nos moutons” –
1. Great new credits. Love ‘em.
2. Ally had the best description for Robert Downey, Jr. – “yummy”. Uh-huh, VERY. And I really wish he’ll find enough strength to fight drugs… He’s such a talented actor, as I’m sure he’s a great person – I really hope everything will be alright.
3. Well-well-well… Ally, Brian, down the drain… I guess I’m in a good position right now, because I’ve seen what’ll happen later on (Ally & Larry are so CUTE together!!! EXTREMELY!!!), but as for Brian – well, he’s nice, he’s sweet, but when things just aren’t right in the…*ahem* sense – goodbye! I completely see Ally’s point, and if I were in her shoes I’d definitely do the same thing – a relationship, besides restaurants and movies and picnics, is about two people intertwining – their bodies as well as their souls. Sex should be the physical culmination of LOVE, and if the love is there but the sex isn’t and will NEVER be – it sucks. So, anyway, back to my point – I’m with Ally on this one.
4. Great script, great lines, great Ling, great John, great fantasies, great voice-overs, great Elaine, great reflection of inter-office stuff in court, great Fish, great “sexiness is mental” motto, great great GREAT Robert Downey, Jr…. must I go on? Seriously, I wasn’t at all expecting to like him so much, but he’s fantastic!!!

Alright, we’ll end this on a high note – loved the ep. :) May the rest of the season be just as great as the first part was!:)