Prime Suspect

Hi everyone...
Forgive me for my weird writing style tonight - first of all, I've been on vacation from comments for 2 weeks; second of all, I'm still having trouble picking my jaw up off the floor. Of course, being the spoiler-addicted freak I am, I knew this was coming, I just never expected it to come SO soon, ya know? It's weird... sad, too. I know, I know, I of all should talk - I've been cussing out Billy for the past how many ever months, but still... I saw something in him tonight - some spark of that second season Billy, the Billy we loved. The Billy Ally loved. The Billy Georgia loved. Ouch...

Anyhow, I can't wait till next week. It looks SO sad but SO interesting... I dunno. :*(

Now, on to the episode -
my thoughts:
1. I loved this episode. Simple as that - loved it. Everybody was wonderful (more on that later). It was so multi-faceted and really played with your emotions - just the kind of storyline(s) the "Ally" gang are great at... moving on...
2. Each character tonight was two-sided, which was fabulously portrayed by everyone. John & Richard were serious yet goofy. I felt extremely ashamed for Billy in the beginning yet almost cried at the end. Ally was... again, both serious & hilarious. I loved Nelle's bitchiness (she, along with Gale Weathers [of "Scream" fame], is my idol for bitchiness:o)) but, feeling she was up to something eeeeeevil, started to feel colder towards her... weird. Awesome, though.
3. OK, I hafta ask this - does anyone else feel ashamed to death when a TV/movie character does something stupid? Like today when Billy was having hallucinations with that guy/girl, I was practically burying my head under the couch cushion, going "Oh my god I can't believe this..." We-e-eird. Please tell me I'm not insane...
4. I HATE Sandy!!!!!!!!! Did everyone hear that LOUD and CLEAR????? I HATE - I repeat, HATE (or in the words of Paul Potts - "hate hate hate *clap clap clap*") - Sandy. Anyone in on that with me?
5. The figures of Ally & Georgia a la Celebrity Deathmatch attacking Billy with "Marry Me!" "Divorce Me!" was simply brilliant. I was soooo lmao!!!
6. John is SUCH a brilliant lawyer! I mean, seriously - each and every one of his arguments is SOOOOOO ingenious!!! Luv him:o)
7. OK, my biggest question of tonight - aren't Billy & Georgia supposed to be DIVORCED???
If so, what was with "Hey! *smile*" "Hey! *smile*"??? Sure, they don't particularly HATE each other, but they seemed just a TAD bit TOO friendly with each other today... And the biggest mystery of all - will they get back together??? I mean, considering all of this & etc... ??? I dunno. I'm confused...

My, my, how stupid was I to ask "What do you think the surprise ending will be?" after already knowing about Billy's cancer?! On the other hand, it explains the following - sure, I knew. But, as I've mentioned before, I NEVER expected it to come so soon... I dunno, the end of the season just seemed SOOO far away, and this was like a slap back to reality - "Hello, it's NOT!!!" for me.

As I've said, I'm confused.
OK, I'll shut up now.