AM-201 "The Real World"

Original Air Date:09/14/98

The Brief:
The firm goes against Renee to defend a woman who, at age 37, fell in love with a 16-year-old. Now, when he's 18 & she's 39, their relationship is out in the open, and Ally develops a sudden taste for the barely-legal hunk. Cage & Fish hire a new bombshell attorney, Nelle Porter, featured in "Boston" Magazine & nicknamed "Sub-Zero" for her sensitivity, or lack thereof. Though the women don't seem particularly thrilled with her, Cage's heart goes "boom!" at the sight of her... Renee is beaten in court, and Ally gently refuses Jason's gestures after a wondeful date in Fenway Park. Overall, the premiere predicts a remarkable second season.

The Verdict: