"The Pursuit of Unhappiness"

Ooooh, I can only imagine how egoistical I'll sound, but... well, I'm leaving on Friday (grrrr...), and I've come to rely on DEK releasing something WOW-ing before my departure (Hmmm, remember "The Ex-Files"??? :o))... And, well, this wasn't really *breathtaking*... Don't get me wrong, it was a fun ep. AND sad. The redecorating bit (and the "We can watch TV on it - I'll let you work the remote..." - "Don't be gross!" part in the end - lovely!), the three-way thing in the kitchen ("I thought you were him!"; "I thought you were her!"; "I thought that was the remote!" <-- ROTFLMAO...:)), the said end, everything w/ Ally+Larry - great stuff. Really. I wanted MORE of that great stuff. It's probably the US blues kicking in a week early - everything seems worse than it really is when you realize you won't see another ep for... (calculates)... more than TWO months!!! Aaah, the horror *sniff* Try living without Larry for more than TWO months - that's 60+ days, people!!! SIXTY!!! Terrible, terrible, terrible...
Hmm, okay, wandered away for a second there. Back to the ep - on the other hand, it was fantastic proof that "Ally" is *THE* series to live by - so many great philosophical moments - Richard's entire speech to Elaine, the John/couple part, the redecorating bit (for the 5th time:))... "Ethics have no place at a law firm!" just says everything about Richard;)
Random notes I'm unable to categorize:
1. Yes, *He* is the hottest meteor to hit this planet since... forever, but what was with the yellow tie? On the other hand, he looked fab in the beginning sequence... Mmm-hmmm.
2. Everyone looked great - Ally, Nelle, Ling, even *John* (who, by the way, had no right to attack Nelle like that! He shouldn't be able to hide everything behind "Oh, I broke up with Melanie..." Ugh. Yes, at first they were sweet, but by the 4th episode I, frankly, got bored... Anyway, that's irrelevant now.)
3. "Well..."
"Okay!" <-- Sweet, and having Jackson vs. Larry on that opened up a wonderfully wide range of bits to be unveiled... First of all, if it involves RDJ on screen - I'm for it. Larry's fantastic... Second, it gave birth to a whole different storyline with people doubting themselves, their loved ones and what they're REALLY worth - their money or their soul. "Jackson's upset I didn't commit malpractice..." - He's just... grrrrrrrrrrrr... :o)
4. Ling was wonderful, and via she another great storyline was woven into the mix there... I doubt any other show besides "Ally" could EVER manage to cover such a wide range of topics in (roughly) 47 minutes... and to keep it up every week - well, that *really* takes talent:)

Well, now things are a bit brighter than at the beginning, huh? I will miss the show IMMENSELY while I'm gone... *sniff* Well, I'll still have transcripts to read, but no new "thoughts" from me till... June! No, I decidedly will NOT be able to survive that... :*(

Thanks for everything to everyone... It really means a lot to me that you keep coming back here :o)