Troubled Water

I don't even know how to start... WOW. Fabulous. Breathtaking. Hilarious. Wonderful. Ideal. Imrunningoutofwords. WOW. First of all, let me make it official that while I don't really fall off the couch anymore seeing Bleach-head, I still hate him. That's right, I HATE Billy. Total jerk. I mean, ok, so he's in his mid-life crisis, but that doesn't excuse anything!!! First, his head... AAAAAAH! If I were Georgia I'd be outta that marriage in a heartbeat. Second, his idiotic attitude. Who does he think he is??? And third: ok, so there was the Ally thing... Explicable. But SANDY??? OF ALL PEOPLE??? Let's take a good look at his life up to this season: beautiful, smart, caring wife; tons of money; prestigious law firm and chicks oozing sex all over him... What else did he need? The "appeal" to women? You think peroxide will help??? Oh gawd.... And now... Oh Ling was right on the turkey subject: Georgia's already got one... LOL
About the episode: classic. Everything an Ally episode is supposed to be - tons of laughs, tons of tears, tons of every other possible emotion. Mr. Michelle Pfeiffer is a genius. Duh, like we didn't know that. Anyhow, back to the ep:
1)Loved the beginning... I mean, the bar scene (Georgia - "Bleach's favorite holiday..." ROTFLMAO!!!).
2)Loved Ally's party from start to finish... Loved the Ling thing, loved the dad/Georgia thing (I read in TV Guide something like "You won't believe what Georgia and Ally share besides Billy", but NEVER thought THAT!!!), loved how her mom came out "Billy, my husband has kissed your wife,". Loved everything.
3)Loved Tracey. Things never seem to go wrong when she's around: the eps are always outstanding... Loved the couch thing, the "Daddy & Mommy" explanation, every damn thing... WOW was that an ep.
4)Loved the 'party' afterwards (w/o Ally & Co.) Loved Ling's burp @ the end, loved Nelle and John's sort of presence while technically they did very little in the episode, loved the Whipper thing. LOL
5)Ah yes, loved the beginning! Go Nelle & Ling!
6)Of course I loved Calista... Although I'm not particularly fond of today's hair, her performance was stunning... Way to go Cal!:)
7)Loved the "man just happened to be attached" thing on her mom's affair... rotflmao.
8)Loved the Billy & Georgia thing... That relationship always has quirks in it... The Pig song: OH MY GAWWWWD.... I swear, if I were married to Billy, I'd.... won't mention it here, too sadist. Georgia and I simultaneously thought "The new Billy makes me wanna vomit.". LOL @ that too...
9)And I loved everything else... This was fab, def. the best ep of the season so far...:) Go people!!!!