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"Congrats on a job well done!! Very good first fanfiction. I really enjoyed this piece. Ally McBeal wanting her life to be a tv show with her the center of it - pure Ally. And you did very good work with Georgia and Billy, Richard, Ling, et. al. Its quite true when things in real life happen, writers tend to use them in their work (I know it does when I write). This was great." - Nita Dee.

"Awesome story! Excellent characterization and it was *so* ally! keep up the work, at one point or another everyone thinks their life would make a good TV just got her wish :p" - Pale September ( Visit her GREAT FanFic site! )

"Great! Loved the start, with Ally in full 'Grump-Ally' mode! And Richard with Billy's eulogy was brilliant! The case concept was definately of the cool, too! Great! (Wait, I already said that)" - Mike Dewar.

"this was a great story!!! i loved it, i hope we get the chance to read many more of your stories...i love how richard put his 5 cents in about ally's tv show being called Cage & Fish & Associates....and i loved the billy/georgia argument! classic!" - Nikki.

"Hey great start to the fabulous world of serious fanfic. Fabulous story. I absolutely adored it. I mean the emotion was perfect, I wonder what Billy and Georgia did get up to last night (not that I actually want a description you understand.) I love them all thinking about what it woudl be like if there was a show about them. It was priceless. Anyway I can't wait for your next step into the world of fanfic." - Marryat Stevens.

"I love these pseudo-reality kinds of stories where they break the fourth wall. And you make a good point...who would really want all of their life being shown to millions of viewers. Stuff like Ally getting stuck in the toilet or that little 'brush incident' with John and Nelle really are stuff anyone would be mortified to have shown. And it was a great show on the small taste of it between Georgia and Billy's exposed tryst. Heehee. But my favorite line would have to be... " "One thing I can tell you for sure…" Ally told everyone seated at the table, "is that our lives would make a helluva TV show…" " Too true. And great fanfiction as well. Hope to see more from you soon..." - Melanie.

"This is great! A fun fic, new (and great) idea, and the characters were perfect! My favorite part: "And we're representing the crazy one or the crazy one?" Good job!" - Jesse.
TITLE: Novels & TV
SUMMARY: Thinking about the firm's inter-office problems & a recent case, Ally wonders what her life would be like if it were a TV show. RATING: PG - 13 (TV - 14). *Read It*

Oh, OUCH! Ally goes to a friend's concert and finds out that her friend is married to dear ol' Greg! "Failed" attempt at fanfic my left foot! I likes! ~Kim.

"Failed attempt at fanfic writing??" Not hardly. This was fun. It was great to see Ally out of her element and>you>did great work with Renee (come back, Renee!!) and did great work with the>other characters. >>It will be interesting to see how this one turns out:).>>>Nita Dee

Very cool. Very very cool, I love how Renee didn't want to fall into 'Ally's world of love.' Very good, more? Please let there be more! - Pale

Great start....i loved Renee's plans for the week and Ally's reaction to David stomping on her foot....cant wait for more ~Nikki~

This is definitely not a failed fanfic. I love the idea of Ally and her long lasting friends trawling through the entire cast of the orchestra tying to find a man who would suit Ally. Greg turning up was inspired, we haven't had a story with Greg in it for ages. I love the style of writing, and I can't wait to hear what Renee gets up to with out Ally, and how Ally recovers. Marryat

Great job, Alex! I'm very into this! ANd this part: <<<"Kick her ass, Daddy!" David yelled, clapping his hands & seeming extremely pleased with himself. Had me laughing out, you've got Nelle down pat. Can't wait for the next part! - Amanda

What a great chapter! I love how Jen and Greg are married and David ("kick her ass, Daddy") is their child. Our poor Ally. And do you realize that YOU are the first fanfic writer to address the impending demise of Billy Thomas? You even mentioned Mark (this could be Mark Albert or Mark Farmer..I like the fact that you used Mark...) Our poor Ally. Drunk and broken hearted and seeking solace in the one person who could give it to her (Billy?). You do great characterizations. Nelle and her arguement with her parents. They are reacting to the rumors without getting to meet John. Great stuff. I can't wait for more on this one! - Nita Dee

Very sentimental part, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It really seems to sum up the story and make it come together, beautiful. Love the Nelle scene, she really *does* have emotion. Beautiful. - Pale

Awww. I love this story so much. Nelle's parents, grrr. Superficial snobs if I've seen some. (or is it read some?) Glad to see someone else dealing with the whole John/Nelle relationship. (Which reminds me.. Here's to Hoping Part Three is lying around somewhere better go find it). I hope everything works out for them and for Ally, too. Anxiously awaiting part 3, - Maria

PARTS 3 & 4
*hugs* Another Nelle fic writer! Yay! Well, I've been awaiting part four, and I was very pleased to see this in my mailbox. I really like this story. It captures Nelle so well, the reasons why she doesn't open up. God, I hate you version of her parents. (Not in a bad way...:) Just that you make them hateable, and that's a good thing) Also, Ally's found a guy! And from the description he seems cute... - Maria

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your story. I love the counterpoint between Nelle and Ally as they search for love and the meaning of their lives. You did great work with Nelle (a hard character to write for) and with Ally. Using Greg and nontheless allowed Ally to have hope again. This was a good thing. And I enjoyed Nelle's part of the story and her dealing with her life as well. May I say excellent? I enjoyed it very much:). - Nita Dee

Alexandra, This is a great piece of writing. I love it, and It was great being able to read it again. I love Ally trying to deal with Greg marrying her best friend. Nelle, dealing wit her rents control over her life was very well written, and I loved the confrontational attitude that we have seen so often, it was very well written. Poor Renee cut out in the middle of a conversation, I guess it happens to the best of us. - Marryat

Great story. You captured Ally's emotions towards both men perfectly. Especially Billy and his damn death. And it would be just like Ally to make a mistake under the pretext of "being a woman" one moment and then completely make herself sick and analyze it to death the next day. I loved the line "Running to lonliness." That was sooo great. As for the rest of the story....
I like Nelle's relationship with her father - well, I don't like it because what he put her through growing up is cruel and unfair but it gives great insight into who she is and why. It also strengthened the way the reader could feel about her and John - which is good. And again - you have Ally down perfectly. You have such a great grip on her. ~Nicole

Whoa. What a fix you have given me, this fan of Ally McBeal who needed a new episode. You have this character down to an art form. The confusion, the wishing, the unlikable acts she occasionally does, etc. It was watching the show. Ally is a great heroine and you are doing her justice in this story. It was a joy to read.Hope Chapter Six appears soon:). - Nita Dee

Romance is confusing. Great part! We really got to get inside Ally's head, which is always fun! Even though you have to dodge the occasional dancing baby... Wonder what's going to happen with Greg' the Mistake' Butters? More soon please! - Mike

On to your story, this is good. Poor Ally. What can she do with men? Greg is just a little coward. David sounds good. More soon please! - Maria


Alex, there is absolutely no reason for you to have mixed feelings about this part. Your Ally was - soooo beyond perfect. And your analysis of the firm was the same and so accurate. Richard on the phone was hysterical (I especially liked the spitting at the ceiling bit - I plan to work that into a conversation at some point).
*Sigh* Now, we're all fully aware of Nicole's (yeah, I do the third person thing) feelings on Nelle and John but I really truly did enjoy seeing John happy. And you made their relationship believeable as something that could work (we didn't see too much of that on the show during season three). Great job :) - Nicole

Don't have mixed feelings! DOn't have mixed feelings! tHis was just so great. Especially hte John and Nelle parts. (Okay, so I'm biased). You captured exactly what I think about their realtionship, and what I m sure other fans of them, so wonderfully. I definitely need a new part soon! - Maria

TITLE: The Book of Love
SUMMARY: Ally bumps into her old beau and must make an important decision. The firm's members relfect on what they've learned about love.
RATING: PG - 13 (TV - 14).
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*Read Part 7*

Alexandra-*grins* I just love your writing style...and I love the way you write Nelle. It's awesome..this story is so creative...and I loved your metaphors (avalanche? Hmmm...)
Love, Pale

I got that it was Ally! WOO-HOO! GO ME! Nice quicky, Alex!
- Mike

Wonderful and very exciting! I can't wait to read more... and now you say that you're going to Russia! Nooooooooooo! Don't go! Stay and write part 3... Pleeeeeease! There is to much suspense! I'm so excited!!! - Lav

Yay, you're going to be around for a few more days, so I hope that means another part or two...maybe? :) I really am loving this. The John and Nelle scene was just perfection. - Maria

Ohhhhhhhhh! My God!!!!! That was amazing!!!! Beautiful writing and suspense! I really enjoyed Ally and Larry's fight... Thanks for the final scene.. that was just what i expected... sexual tension, Ally trying to resist and Larry still... sensual and sexy! Thanks again! - Lav

Now onto Larry and Ally--now, we all love Larry. Even me..and I am a dye-in-the wood JohnandAlly shipper. And I love the way you wrote their fight and their "make up". It was sweet. (I'm gonna miss Larry!!!). Great stuff:) - Nita PART FOUR

Alexandra: Happy Ending!! I will agree--we've gotten to be a sad group for the past few fics. Now, Ally has Larry, John and Nelle understand each other and there is a wonderful time at the bar to be had by all (loved the use of "Read your Mind" btw!). A good story. We need you around here, Alexandra:). - Nita

Woo-hoo! I really loooooove this story! It's saved on my computer. You are an amazing writter Alexandra! I really like the way you make Ally and Larry interact. We can really picture them because you make them real.. The story with Nelle and John is also very interesting. What is going to happen next? Are you planning to do a sequel? What's happening with Jamie? Is Larry going back to Boston? More yummy scenes? - Lav who needs a "hot yummy sex scene" per day to survive in this cold cold world... (he he he!)

Alex, I loved this. JOhn and Nelle where so sweet. I seriously do agree that Larry is perhaps as perfect as I guy as Ally's going to get. There bed talk was funny with Larry trying his best to get out of bed. To hell with work is right. - Maria

The end of the whole darn thing? Aw...
Nice fic, Alex! Loved Richard and Elaine discussing how they missed John and Nelle and Elaine worrying about losing her touch! - Mike

Alex~ I loved this! The part with Ally and Larry in bed was wonderful. If I had Larry in my bed, I'd say to hell with *everything* and never leave. *whistles innocently* And, although I'm anti-John/Nelle, I thought you wrote their moments together very well. Lovely in all respects. - Michelle

That story was wonderful....... Wonderful...... Great!!!!!!!! - Stephanie P
TITLE: Tears On My Pillow
SUMMARY: Everything happens for a reason, and the bad in life is always followed by the good.
RATING: PG - 13 (TV - 14).
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PART TWO (sorry, I spazzed out and deleted the first batch of comments *guilty smile*)
Okay, everyone must now bow down to the most wonderful and greatest writer of all fanfics.....Queen Alex! Holy fruitbaskets, Alex! Make me cry! You are so awesome at writing! I LOVE THIS FIC!!!! I had to read the last part three times before I could start getting over how great it was, and my jaw is still on the floor. you should set up a class or something and teach people how to write the best fics ever. You are fantastic! MORE, NOW! (I'm not kidding, I mean it. right now. i need more!) Loves ya! -Natalie

Alexandra: OHHH!!! This is good stuff. Really loving this one. We have a treasure in that Larry, don't we? Can't wait for more. -Nita Dee

PART THREE (again, some were deleted by stupid stupid Alex)
Alexandra: Ahhh...what bliss!! Larry is back with Ally and ALL is right with the world. Excellent work. Please make Spring come quickly. We need you around here. - Nita Dee

Alex, *big, happy sigh* Natalie. *LOL* I can't do it. I can't not write anything about that amazing fic! I loved it, and it was so sweet! You have the characters down perfect. I love the way you write Ally. *Queen Alex receives another jewel to add to her crown* Congrats! Loves ya! - Natalie

TITLE: Delicieux
SUMMARY: Just read it:)
RATING: PG - 13 (TV - 14).
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