Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade AM - 420

I don't even know where to start.

While I'm still not fully aware of where all the insecurities came from (at one point it seemed she was upset he didn't immediately spring forward with a marriage proposal - let him & yourself BREATHE, hun!), the ep was... well, I should say the END of the ep was... REEEEEALLY good. JUST... [anyone ever seen "The Cutting Edge"? There's this scene where the main characters are interviewed right before the Olympics, and this one girl is babbling on about how "there's a certain sense of togetherness... family... it's sort of... it's almost..." and Kate blurts out "*Orgasmic*!"]... yes, exactly that - orgasmic. In that breathtakingly beautiful way... Though it wasn't *as* good as, say, "The Ex-Files" 410 (which remains in 1st place on the "best eps" list), it still *was* gorgeous (the man can SING:)))))) And not only... :))... You know, "Ally" sometimes has these *magical* moments, where everything - the people, the music, the situation, the surroundings - comes together in this whirlpool of emotion and... well, *magic*, essentially (see "TEF", the snowman scene in "HOTL", Barry White in "Those Lips, That Hand" & etc), and the moment Ally stands up to go, when the lights go out and Larry's voice comes on and she turns around in amazement - it's just one such magical moment. And then, of course, with Sting added for even more flavour, and a scrumptious bed scene (go on, call me a perv, when it's beautiful it's beautiful and you can't deny it), it's just all *overwhelmingly* fab. I'm not gonna waste time & space writing about RDJ's voice because, well, it's axiomatic that it's terrific (and may I add I *love* Sting's accent:)) - as is Sting's - and it's all sooo... SMOOTH:o) The only thing that added a barb or two to that smoothness was the very last shot - Ally for some reason sad and Larry for some reason selfishly hugging a pillow instead of Ally... WHY??? I don't get it. All of this makes me think that DEK was leading them up to a breakup even before RDJ's relapse, and - again - I don't get what possible motives he could have for doing that... I *completely* understand the show will end when Ally finds ultimate bliss, but I'd rather have her find ultimate bliss in Larry (hasn't she already done that?!) than leave him like in "Home Again" (which I haven't watched yet but will comment on nonetheless - DUMB!!!!!), or leave him in any other way, for that matter... Okay, let's not go there. Thou shalt not think sad thoughts.

Jane Krakowski has a *fabulous* voice. Taye's not that bad, either:) The merging of fantasy ("Ally") and reality (Sting) is purrrrdy awesome:)) (BTW, Sting's performing in St. Pete June 3rd, but I suppose they're already all sold out... It *would* be kinda interesting to strike up a brief conversation on the subject of Robert & Calista & everything, though the odds of getting backstage or even to the press conference are beyond miniscule... "Hi, I'm one of the few who speaks decent English around here, could you please describe your experience of working on one episode with the convulsion-inducingly handsome Robert Downey Jr.???" -- can't even imagine how that would sound... Maybe I'd be better off staying home:))

Wrapping up - it's a REALLY great ep, but I was still unable to understand the profound point of the last shot. It kinda ruined everything. Hmph.

--May 18th