The Wedding AM - 423

Door's open, people. Just you wait and see, he'll be walkin' through it in no time...

No, seriously, I set out to hate this ep. It was pretty good, actually. I mean, not *fantastic*, but good. I couldn't help but cry at "Goodnight My Someone", because it is just the most beautiful song... I reckon I probably let optimism take over a lot more than I should, because the world isn't really that nice a place, but I've had this recurring sense that everything will be okay for the two of them since I first heard about the impending changes, and it's getting stronger by the day... They have to be together, because... they do! No one's ever said it better than Maria & Lav in their "Dose of Reality" - "I can live without you, Larry Paul, but I don't want to. I want to go home. And you're it." It is just the most gorgeous piece of fanfiction :o)... Anyway, that pretty sums up what Ally will inevitably come to realize, and that's what (I so very much hope) will steer them back towards each other... Because, after all, DEK's a nice person, right? *spaniel eyes*

YAY -- Ally, John (he's so sweet!), Jane (she's a nice guest that I think, with proper judgement on DEK's part, could make a really nice character), "necrophiliac/agoraphobiac", James Naughton, "Dulcinea", Ally's dress, Malcolm's song, and once again Ally... She's such an amazing person - she finds the way to bring out the best in everyone, and she sends out warmth that completely transforms everything it touches. She's just so cool, there's no other way to put it... :o) And the scene with her father was just priceless - they always light up an episode together, and this was no different...

NAY -- no Nelle, no Ling :-( Ghost Billy - getting ooooold... That's about it.

I feel the need to end thoughts on season finales by totaling everything that's happened and deriving one main thought from that... I'll have to opt for John's words here, "We've lived emotionally..." However, it's difficult for me to judge the closure we were faced with because, despite what I'd been promised, I didn't feel much closure here... It's been a wonderful season, it really has, the best yet, but I'm yearning for a bit more, because the end - through faults of all sorts of different people, not just you-know-who - was frankly a bit of a let-down. I'd like to see next season exploring *everyone* more, not just zeroing in on Ally (though she *is* wonderful, don't get me wrong...) And, of course, it would be lovely to have .............. back. Not because Ally *needs* him, but because she *wants* him, and so do we... And despite everything, it's a big loss, and we need that remedied. Because, well, life has to be nice to us sometimes :) Doesn't it?

-- Alex --
June 20th, 2001