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~Hi everyone! I've got awards in, better than the previous ones (or so I think:o)) Anyway, here they are (NOTE: the actual awards are of much better picture quality than shown):~

You can either submit your own site/page or nominate someone else's... (Just be sure you let them know about this!) The site/page doesn't necessarily have to deal with "Ally McBeal". In fact, it doesn't even have to deal with TV. As long as it
  • has a nice layout
  • is easy to navigate
  • has good graphics & interesting material
  • is updated often
  • doesn't overly praise itself (along the lines of "oooh, this site is just the best, absolutely wonderful, super-duper,..!!!")
  • is user-friendly
  • is fun

it fully qualifies for my award. Fill out the form below & hit the sumbit button to email me & tell me about your site!

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