These are just the sites that came into my mind as of now - I'm sure I forgot a ton... Once I remember, I'll update it:o) They're totally out of order and uncategorized, so you'll hafta find your way around for now... I'll add more real soon and have them categorized into easy lists by topic... For now, enjoy!

TVLINKS USA - this is an AMAZING site with over 220 links to the best TV show sites on the 'Net - one exclusive site per featured show... It's got all sorts of awesome sites, some of which *I*, personally, never knew of... If you're a TV fan or simply love surfing, go check it out - you'll love it!:)

S P I N F R E N Z Y . C O M - one of the coolest sites on the net. Find MP3s, edit images, meet other Spinners & have a great time! - my startup page in Netscape & the source for all cools things... daily features, tons of articles, cool links & lots more! Surely you've heard about it, but have you visited lately??? - they've got tons of pics, clipart, design tips, files, sounds, creepy-crawlies, Photoshop & Paint Shop Pro help, a forum, boards & lotsa other stuff! Check out their animated gifs, interfaces, backgrounds & buttons! - the premiere young people community on the Web today! Everything from chat to boards covering every subject imaginable (from chickens to TV shows to colleges to cars) to 5 Megs of webspace & a personal note service/email addy (includes voicemail too!)... Check out their store, sign up for sweepstakes, gab away & have fun! P.S. Don't forget to Bolt Note me - "bygones"!!! Check out the Ally, X-Files & Friends boards - I'm always there:o) - How could I not include my beloved provider???:) An awesome site service... 11 Megs of space, your personal DOT.COM for a reduced fee, cool gadgets & tips, super-easy file managing & lots more! Preferred over Geocities anytime... - Figure Skating World... You'll love if you're at least one bit interested in skating. A huge discussion forum with lots and lots of topics, Fan Chat, Rinkside, Competition Results & tons of other stuff... Find me - "xphile": I'm the crazy one who adores Petrova/Tikhonov:o) - lotsa nice stuff, including boards & chat. Tonsa topics, cool features... sorta like Bolt, but specifically designed for the female half of the Earth's population... Find me - "Ally" - on the figure skating, Ally McBeal, The X-Files or Friends boards:)..

SeekAmer! - the first Meta Search Engine for North & South America - developed by a cyber-friend of mine - "WebX". Truly amazing... and very complete. - a cool search engine that gives great results. Browse through categories and find exactly what you're looking for! - one of my personal faves... Forget Yahoo! This search engines huge & great, giving awesome results for any search!

Patricia Kaas - Velvet Corner - I'm listening to her "Le Mot De Passe" CD right now as I'm typing this and thought I'd add a link to a site I really liked. (You have no idea how hard it is to find a well-designed site for singers these days!) Enjoy & don't forget to listen to this: Ma Liberte Contre La Tienne - one of my fave songs of hers...

Sgriff's Site for Sites - this site has great links to all sortsa stuff and dear Sgriff is always happy to link your site:o) Increase your traffic & have fun surfing through all sorts of awesome sites! Check it out!

These are some of the best sites dedicated to a great russian alternative group - "ZEMFIRA". Never heard of them (her)? Even better. Get all the MP3s ya want & read interesting info! Don't know russian? No prob. They've got english versions of the sites especially for you... So go ahead! - the official site
Zemfira Online
Zemfira @ Kiev.AU

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