Over The Rainbow

Oh gosh, don't even know where to start. First off, since so many of you have asked "do you just sit with a pen & piece of paper & write down comments?", I'll give you a private look at some of my twisted little thoughts as they appeared on paper tonight. After that, I'll put it into sentences & explain everything. So.... here goes: my exact comments -
<< luv the previews [here I meant "previously on "Ally McBeal""]
2 cute & funky
Little Ally? Fantasy
the girl looks so much like Cal
Cal looks out of it
Luv the hair
luv luv luv the hair
Hate Billy
"you do know that, right?"
dinging of the elevator
"maybe it'll be your life"
Ally Marie McBeal?
luv the music
new scenes in opening credits
bright opening song = bright TV series
pross... what?
Did that guy resemble DA Jason Roberts
How can she sue the firm???
"did the firm kiss R. Jones, did the firm soak its head in clorox"
Mean little man!
Oh my dear, what did she [Georgia] do to her hair????
Yeah, yeah...
luv the smoke f/Ally's nose
I don't know whom to side with
the "other" one
luv LOL @ Richard
oh my... Who knew that?
Oh myyyy...
That young blonde thing
Poor Nellie
Georgia's scum
luv Georgia's explanation though
luv Vonda's song at the bar
Poor John
OK, her hair's better
Stupid - Billy
pick pick pick
luv Richard
to belittle you
is that your final answer, or would you like to call a friend?
The firm's in crisis
luv her shirt (V-neck)
cute kids
how is that relevant to Ally?
attorney w/ a failed marriage & a bleached head
John sticking up for Nelle - that's cute...
Curly? Again? Al, settle down...
LOL @ John's glasses
OH GOD (John about to question Georgia)
I'm freaked
Oh gosh...
Do you call her Ally?
exhibit A...
John is sooo smart!!!
Cage/Fish will win...
That means something cute... [will happen]
money money fun money
win or lose, we lose
CUTE kids
the firm wouldn't be the same
awww... cute for Nelle
Richard Fish & exhibit A are my best friends
I'm tickled... is there a point?
who's gonna win???
she's ugly [meaning Georgia]
That's so cute:*)
"We adore you!"
luv John:)
Owch. ohhhhhh...just his wife.......
ouch, she HAS a point...
Ugly again
something special
which is why we love the show!!!
never would I have thought that Georgia would give in...
cute kids:)>>>

Soooo...impressed? Now I'll make sense of it.
First off, I'd like to say that I absolutely *adored* this episode, since it really does show that the firm is something totally unique, which is what makes it so great. It's completely unlike any other show on TV - which, I guess, adds to the suspense of it every time: you don't know what to expect... It's truly a fabulous show:)

Second of all, although everyone bitches about how Cage/Fish always win their cases, I really saw no way for them to lose this one. I mean, COME ON!!! John's questions were ingenious, he's a brilliant lawyer and Georgia HAD to lose.
Other random observations:
1. As I've said before, they ARE going a bit off topic. The show's called 'Ally McBeal', right? For some reason 'Cage & Fish' sounds more fitting for episodes like this...
2. WOULDJA PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE SETTLE DOWN WITH THE HAIR THING??? OK, it was big when Billy bleached his head. It was big in the end of Season 1 when Georgia cut her long locks. But taking it to THIS??? PUH-LEEEEZE. She looks horrible. Not only that, but the hair's getting kinda old. Pick one 'do and stick with it, for god's sake!!!
3. Also, did anyone else have a slight feeling that Billy, when he yelled "enough, John!" in the courtroom, was actually trying to protect Georgia? Just a weird thing that hit me. I thought it was pretty cute. But I still hate him...
4. Georgia has been MAJOR scum lately... To pour out all of that garbage, that inter-office dating crap, who does she think she is??? Yeah, the firm has its quirks. Yeah, it's associates & partners lead a more, shall I say, ACTIVE lifestyle than most lawyers... Actually, make that ALL lawyers. BUT THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL!!! As Richard & John said, they really did build something special. Which is why we love the show so much...:)
5. John is an absolute GENIUS!!! Luv him:)
6. I'm still waiting for the joyous moment when the normal Billy will come sprinting back to the office... is anyone else?
7. OK, from the previews for the next ep, it seems they just left the Georgia/Billy situation hanging. CLOSE IT!!! Either have them break up or get them back together!!!
8. Overall, the ep was great. However, again, the detail that kinda pissed me off - it's leaning towards an ensemble show. If it's called 'Ally McBeal', ALLY should be its center.
9. As you can tell from my "comments", I leaned towards different sides at different points of the ep. However, overall I agree with the judge's ruling. Cage/Fish won that totally fair & square.