Date: July 4th, 2001
Reviewer: Katie
Type of Review: Visitor --> site

first impression + splash: 14/15
I love the splash its really clever and i just think its wonderful! first impressions are just as good!

layout/design/navigation: 23/25
I do love the layout and the design and i also like the navigation but it does take a little while to actually realise what you have here!

content (amount/quality): 28/30
its all good if you ask me!

interest/appeal: 15/15
updated reguarly and always something to grab your attention, pics of RDJ are always good!

errors? (if yes, where?): 5/5
There are no errors so am i meant to give you 0 or 5? !!!!!!! [a five :) - Alex's note]

overall: 14/15
although the first couple of times you come here you don't realise how much content you really have here once you do you realise that this is simply one of the best Ally sites around!

total: 99/105

P.S. from Alex: sorry guys, I know it says total out of 100 in the form, I screwed up on tallying the max points ;p So yeah... this one's out of 105... Sorry Katie! *guilty smile*

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