Date: July 14th, 2001
Reviewer: Frank
Type of Review: Visitor --> site

first impression + splash: 8/10
Beautiful splash screen, but I'd prefer that you lose those two ----- lines.

layout/design/navigation: 22/25
Nice refreshing design, comfortable layout. The navigation's easy too. But for some graphics, the 'white' background isn't too *white* they don't blend in with the background as well.(assuming that you want to blend in)

content (amount/quality): 28/30
Tons of content, and well-organized too, not like some sites which have zillions of pages but nothing's in place... I also like your casual style of writing--feels friendly.

interest/appeal: 14/15
Very attractive, at least for Ally fans. :)

errors? (if yes, where?): 4/5
Couldn't load the Webrings page. And since, I'm using medium fonts in IE, I had to 'force scroll' the menu frame down to see the whole of the 'visitors' menu. Maybe you could make that menu shorter.

overall: 14/15
Great site, keep up the good work!

total: 90/100

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