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planet *ally*
webmaster: Alexandra
type: fan site
reviewer: katlyn

splash; 7/10
You have the requirements, but the graphic is blurry and I can't read the small font in the corner.

layout; 18/25
In your requirements it said that all we needed was 600x800, but my computer's resolution is larger than that and pop up was even too big for that. That is a major no-no. Other than that, the layout is cute. The navigation is cool, I've never seen that before.

content; 15/15
Lost of new and fresh content.

interest; 23/25
If I watched the show I would be very interested in your site.

banner; 5/5

errors/broken links; 5/5

originality; 15/15
Very original, I really liked the wacky laws section. It was also good that you have the interactive review section, I always thought they were a good idea but not many people use them.

Not bad at all! You just need to fix up your requirements.

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