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"Home Again" AM - 422
Monday, May 14th
60 min.
Ally meets Larry's ex-wife (Gail O'Grady) at an inopportune moment; Richard tries to keep a magazine from publishing nude photos of his L.A. friend Jane (Alexandra Holden). Jeannie: Jill Clayburgh. Corretta: Regina Hall. Nicole: Elena Lyons. Lyne: Mark Tymchyshyn. Judge: Stanley Anderson. Richard: Greg Germann. John: Peter MacNicol.

"Queen Bee" AM - 423
Monday, May 21th
60 min.
In the fourth-season finale, Ally's parents (Jill Clayburgh, James Naughton) are among those offering her their comfort and support during a trying time.
Last week, it looked as if all of Ally's dreams might come true with her boyfriend Larry Paul. But “an omen” in the episode signaled a change in their future. Now, Ally finds herself due to oppose him in court in a case involving, coincidentally, romance: the client is a teenager (Josh Groban) seeking legal recourse for a broken prom date. At the firm, Richard introduces his new assistant (Alexandra Holden), whose sunny disposition has him wondering what's wrong with everyone else. Corretta: Regina Hall. TV Guide.com on Netscape