In the conference room, a few hours later, Nelle told everyone about her baby. Everyone offered words of encouragement.

Georgia and Billy discussed baby names. They were trying to decide if they wanted to find out the sex of the baby.

Elaine and Mark made up. He told her his reasoning for not wanting kids was because he was an only child. When he heard how much she wanted kids he changed his mind. He told her the only kids he would have would have to be with her.

Larry and Ally are still growing closer together. Everyone says they make the perfect pair. They are so in love.

Title: Love Is Alive (Part 2/?)

“Ugh,” Georgia thought to herself, “These jeans are getting too tight already.” “Come on Georgia, we’re going to be late,” Billy called from the hallway. “Fine, I’ll come when I find something that fits,” she answered. She grabbed an old dress out of the closet. “Gosh, this dress must be at least five years old,” she thought aloud. She and Billy were going for her 16-week doctor’s appointment, to find out whether it is a boy or a girl. Billy walked into the bedroom and started laughing. “You’re going to wear that? It’s so, uh, old” he said holding back major laughter. “Don’t laugh,” she said, “It’s the only thing that fits right now. I really need to go shopping for maternity clothes.” “Where’s your wedding ring?” he asked. “It was getting too tight, and I had to take it off, don’t worry though,” she said looking at herself in the mirror, “I think people will know I’m attached.” He walked up behind her and put his arms around her stomach. “You know,” Billy said, “In a couple of months I won’t be able to do this.” “What do you want, a boy or a girl?” she asked turning around. “I don’t care, as long as he or she has your eyes,” Billy said. “And your smile,” Georgia said. He put his hand on her stomach, “I love you,” he said kissing her. Then he kissed her stomach.

“Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, the doctor will see you now,” the nurse said. Georgia and Billy made their way to the examining room. “I’m nervous,” said Georgia. “You’ll be fine,” Billy said. After the doctor was done with Georgia’s examination, the doctor asked if they wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl. “Yes,” they said together. The doctor showed them where to look on the little T.V. “Well,” the doctor said looking at the screen. “You are having a girl.” “That’s wonderful!” said Billy as he kissed Georgia. “I bet she’ll be as beautiful as you are,” he said.

Nelle and Michael went to their lunch date together. “I think we should get together again,” he told her. “I-I’m involved with someone,” she paused, “John Cage, you met him the other day.” “I remember, but we were so good together, we could have another baby together, and this time we could keep it, Nicole was as beautiful as you are,” he said touching her cheek. She pushed his hand away. “I can’t,” she said, “John and I have talked about getting married, and having kids,” she said. “Think it over,” he said, “You may change your mind, I’ll see you later,” he kissed her on the cheek and left. She started to cry, unable to hold it in any longer. The waiter came over and asked her if she was okay. She shook her head yes. She found herself wanting to have his children, even though she never really wanted children before. She finished her martini. She noticed she was starting to feel the effects of it. She found it odd that only one martini effected her that way. After she finished she got up and went to her car. After she got in and closed the door she started crying. She picked up her cell phone and called John. “John,” she said between sobs, “Can you come and pick me up? I don’t think I can drive.” “Sure I can, are you okay?” he asked. “Not really, we’ll talk when you get here,” she said. John worried all the way there. He couldn’t imagine what was going on. When he drove up he saw Nelle standing by her car. Her eyes were swollen. He walked over to her and put his arms around her, he could smell the vodka on her breath. She melted in his arms, crying almost uncontrollably. He took her keys and locked up her car. “We’ll come back and get your car later,” he said. Nelle barely spoke all the way back to her apartment. John took her inside. “What’s going on?” he asked. “I don’t know what I want anymore,” she said, “You, Michael, a baby. I just don’t know.” “A baby?” he asked, stunned, “Do you want to have a baby?” he asked. “Yes,” she admitted, “And I can't imagine anyone but you being the father." “Oh, Nelle, I have to think about this for awhile,” he paused for a moment, “I think you’d be a great mother, but I’m not sure how good of a father I’d be.” She started to smile a little. “I think you’d be a great father, you’re sweet, smart and sensitive, and very handsome.” He grabbed her by the waist and they kissed.

Larry and Ally were totally committed to each other. They officially called themselves a couple. Larry’s son Sam was flying in to spend some time with Larry and so Ally could meet him. “Think he’ll like me?” Ally asked Larry. “Oh, yeah, I think he’ll really like you, he said. “I’ll bet he is so cute,” she said. “He thinks he’s a tough man,” Larry said laughing, “So you’d better not tell him he’s cute.” “He’s only seven,” said Ally. “Yeah, I know, but I went through a period like that, when I was his age, it’s normal,” said Larry. Ally shook her head in disbelief.

“So you’re going to go ahead and meet him, hmm?” asked Renee. “Yep,” said Ally, “It’ll be great, we’re going to take him to the zoo.” “Have fun,” said Renee, “When does he come in?” she asked. “Tomorrow at noon, “ she said. “Well have fun,” said Renee.

Georgia walked up to Elaine. “Hi, Elaine, is Billy in his office?” she asked. “Yes,” Elaine said, “But he is with a client now, he should be about done.” “How are you doing, how’s Mark?” asked Georgia. “We’re just fine, how far along are you now?” Elaine asked. “20 weeks,” said Georgia patting her stomach, “A little more than halfway through.” “And you’re having a girl?” Elaine asked. “Yes, we are,” Georgia answered, rolling her eyes. Billy just then walked out of his office. “Hi, sweetie,” said Billy kissing Georgia. “Does everyone know we’re having a girl?” Georgia asked. “ELAINE!” yelled Billy, “Can’t anything be secret with you?” “Yes,” she said, “I only told Mark,” Billy and Georgia started to walk away, “And Ally, Richard, Ling, Nelle and John.” They walked into Billy’s office. “Have you thought of any more names?” asked Georgia. “A few,” said Billy. Okay, what have you thought of so far?” she asked. “Okay, Amie, Morgan, Anastasia, Whitley, Courtney, Alexis, and Valerie, do any of those sound good?” he asked. “Hmm,” she said sighing, “How about Courtney Jane?” she asked. “I like that,” he said, bending down to Georgia’s stomach, “Courtney Jane Thomas, I love you.”

Nelle went to the adoption agency where she gave up Nicole. “Yes, Miss Porter, we still have a listing for her, but she is only six, I wouldn’t recommend interrupting her life, you could send a letter to her mother to give to her when she’s older.” said the social worker. “Okay,” said Nelle, “I’ll take that under advisement, thank you.” She took the address and walked out of the office.

Nelle found the street on which Nicole lived. There was a small park at the end of the street, Nelle parked there and walked up the street. She was wearing sunglasses and stood on the opposite side of the street, after a few minutes a little girl of about six came out of the house with a ball. She watched as the girl dropped the ball and the ball bounced across the street. Nelle caught the ball with both hands. Nelle smiled as she handed the ball to her. The little girl stared at Nelle for a few seconds, like she knew who Nelle was. A woman came out of the house. “Nicole Alexis get across this street this moment!” the lady yelled. “Here you go,” Nelle said as she gave the ball back. “Thanks ma’am,” Nicole said. She looked both ways then crossed the street. Nelle watched until Nicole was inside. Nelle started crying then ran back to her car.

When Nelle got back to her car, she called Michael. “Michael,” she said, “It’s Nelle, I saw Nicole, she’s beautiful, long blonde hair and deep brown eyes.” “Nelle that’s wonderful,” Michael said. “I’m not going to interfere with her life,” she said, “And I’ve thought about your proposal, and the answer is no, I love John, he’s been there for me for the last two years and I’m not going to give that up, I’ve got to go,” with that she hung up the phone and drove to her apartment.

Georgia stood alone in her bedroom looking at her self in the mirror. She lifted her shirt and stared at her bulging stomach thinking to herself she had never been that big in her life, she rubbed it up and down. She could feel the baby kicking. She smiled at the thought of the new life inside of her. She loved the name she and Billy picked- Courtney Jane Thomas. She hoped her daughter would look like Billy, but Billy kept saying he just knew she was going to be as beautiful as her mommy.

Ally and Larry waited anxiously in the Boston airport terminal. “Oh, I hope he likes me,” said Ally. “He will, he will,” reassured Larry. Larry turned around all of the sudden and called, “SAM, SAM over here.” Sam ran over and Larry picked him up. “Hi my boy,” he said, “This is Ally.” Ally bent down and shook his hand. “Hiya, there Sam, nice to meet you, ready to go to he zoo?” she asked. “Yeah,” Sam said, “Let’s go.” He grabbed Ally by one hand and Larry by the other, and led them out of the terminal.

When they were done at the zoo, Larry and Sam dropped Ally off at Cage and Fish, She walked to her office, she noticed the door was shut and she drew closer she could hear noises from inside. She couldn’t believe what she found. Elaine and Mark were in the throes on her office floor. They didn’t notice her. She immediately shut the door, and walked out of the office. Shaking her head all of the way out. She saw Richard and Ling. “Do you know what they are doing in there?” she asked them. Richard and Ling just smiled at Ally. She stomped her feet and walked away.

Nelle got up one morning and turned the calendar to the next month. “Ah,” she thought “February first.” She flipped back to January. “Oh my God,” she said aloud. There were no days marked. She grabbed her calendar from last year. Every month was marked, four days each month, the same days each month. She immediately knew. The time around New Years she spent with John. That must have been when it happened. She knew something had been missing. She just now figured out what.

Title: Love Is Alive (Part 3 of?)

“Stress. That’s all it is”. Nelle kept telling herself, “About John and Michael, about Nicole, about work. Just stress. But how would that explain the reaction I had to my martini the other day? John. How will I tell John? We only briefly discussed it. Oh God what will I do?” She looked at herself in her bedroom mirror. She rubbed her stomach up and down. “If there is a little one inside of me, I love you,” she said.

Nelle sat in her car outside the doctor’s office. It was a cold rainy day. She took a few deep breaths. She had put off going to the doctor for almost two weeks, ever since the home pregnancy test came out positive. She didn’t want to be seen by anybody that she knew, because the doctor’s office is only two blocks from Cage/Fish. So she put on her long red coat and sunglasses. Her long blonde hair was in a bun, and she pulled her hood over her head and walked inside. She sat down and filled out all of the paperwork. “Miss Porter?” the nurse said. The nurse’s name was Kerry. Nelle got up and followed her down the hall to room 2. “Okay Miss Porter, step on the scale,” Kerry instructed. Nelle stepped on the scale. 125lbs. “Hmm,” Nelle thought, “5lbs. more than the last time I visited the doctor.” “And why are you seeing the doctor today?” Kerry asked. “I took a home pregnancy test, and it came out positive.” Nelle answered. “Okay let’s take some blood,” Kerry said. Nelle held out her arm while Kerry took her blood. “Okay,” she said, “That’s all I need, the doctor will be in with the results shortly.” Nelle waited for an agonizing 10 minutes. The door opened and a tall young man walked in. “Hi Ms. Porter, I’m Dr. Williams,” he said. “Hi,” she said, “I am I pregnant?” she asked. Dr. Williams smiled. “Yes, you are,” he replied, “I’d like you to have a sonogram.” “Right now?” she asked. “Yes, we have the equipment right here, just lay back and lift up your shirt.” She did and he squirted petroleum jelly on her stomach. “Okay you’ll feel me pressing on your belly. He looked at the screen. He squinted his eyes. “What’s wrong?” Nelle asked. “Nothing,” he replied, “Look at the screen, see that little kidney shaped mass?” Nelle nodded. “Well,” he said, “That’s one baby, and the other side is another baby.” Nelle turned her head, away from Dr. Williams and started crying. Upset because she wasn’t even ready for one baby, much less two. “You’re about eight weeks along,” Dr. Williams said, “I want to see you again in three weeks.” “Okay,” she said, drying her eyes. She made an appointment and left.

Two weeks later.....

John was asleep when the doorbell woke him up. He looked at his clock. 2:15 a.m. “My goodness,” he thought, “Who in the world could that be?” He could hear the thunder, and the pouring rain. “Ho hum,” he sighed. He looked out his peephole, and couldn’t believe who he saw. He opened the door to find Nelle standing there, soaking wet. Her makeup was runny and her hair was matted. “Nelle, my God. Are you okay?” he asked, pulling her inside, “What are you doing here?” “I’m pregnant,” she said. “I see,” he said, “I need to take a moment,” He sat down on his couch, “How far along are you?” he asked. “10 weeks, I’m due in August,” she replied, sitting down on the couch beside him, “Oh what am I going to do?” she asked crying. “It’ll be okay, we’ll handle it,” said John reassuringly. “There’s something else,” she said. “What is it?” he asked. “I’m having twins.” John rubbed his face with both hands. “Oh boy,” was all he could say.

Georgia and Billy were busy building a nursery. They decided on yellow for their little girl’s room. A white baby bed, with a matching dresser, rocking chair and changing table, were filling up the room. Georgia loves lambs, so all of the bedding had lambs and sheep. Billy painted the walls light yellow and had white carpet put in. Georgia was sitting in the rocker one night, looking around at her baby’s new room. Not knowing Billy was standing there in the doorway, Georgia began talking to the baby. “Oh Courtney,” she said, “Your daddy and I love you so much, we can’t wait to see you. I want all the best for you, I hope you have your daddy’s smile and laugh.” Billy stepped farther into the room. “That was beautiful, Georgia, I’m glad you’re no longer worried about not bonding with her, you’ve done so beautifully, and I can’t wait to see her either,” he said. Georgia turned her head quickly. “You scared me,” she said. “I’m sorry, you are so beautiful,” he said touching her face. He began pacing around the room. “I have a question, are we going to get intimate again?” he asked. “The doctor said not until my eighth month.” “That’s okay,” he said. “We can go through the motions though,” she said, standing up. They kissed deeply.

“I think we should wait to tell everyone,” John said as he walked into Nelle’s office, “With Billy and Georgia’s baby coming, I think it would be best to wait.” She took off her glasses and walked over to John “But their baby is due in May,” Nelle said, “By the time Georgia has her baby, I’ll be five and a half months along, with twins, people will probably notice a month or so from now anyway.” “Let’s take a few weeks to absorb it, okay?” he asked. “Okay, John,” she said.

“Do ya want to get married?” Richard asked Ling as they were sitting in the conference room waiting for a meeting. “No,” Ling said, growling, “I don’t want to get married to you,” she said putting her arms on his shoulders, “I just want to do you,” she said in a sultry seductive voice. “Uh, bygones,” said Richard.

“Okay everyone, new case, big, Nelle, I want you to handle it, Ally, second chair,” said Richard. “What is it?” asked Ally. “Well it seems that a woman got pregnant a month before she got divorced and the husband doesn’t want a baby, he wants her to give it up for adoption, but she won’t, we’re representing her,” he answered. “Don’t call the baby an it, Richard,” Nelle said. “Since when did you develop a heart?” Richard asked. “Since-,” she said as she looked at John who was shaking his head. “What do you care?” John asked, “Move it along Richard,” he said, waving his hand. “Okay the clients will be here this afternoon, we’re adjourned.” “Leave Nelle alone, Richard,” John said as they were walking out of the conference room, “She doesn’t need you after her right now.” “Okay, John, bygones,” Richard said.

“I love where we are right now,” Ally told Larry as they had a drink at the bar. “Me too,” he said kissing her neck. “Hey,” Ally laughed, “Hey there Nelle,” said Ally looking up, “Hi John.” “Hi,” John said. “I’ll buy you two a drink, what would you like?” asked Larry. “Oh, uh nothing for me,” answered Nelle. “I’ll have white wine,” said John. “I’m surprised at you Nelle, usually you have a drink. What are you pregnant?” asked Ally, “Ha, ha,” Nelle laughed “I just don’t feel like it today,” Ally narrowed her eyes. “Hmm,” Ally said.

Nearly everyone was on the dance floor. Elaine and Mark, Billy and Georgia, Ally and Larry, Ling and Richard, John was dancing with Renee and Nelle was alone at the table, she was tired. Tired of being pregnant, tired of work, tired of hiding she and John’s secret. Vonda Shepard was singing “Could I Have This Dance,” when John walked over to Nelle, “Could I have this dance?” he asked. “Sure,” she said, getting up, they walked out to the dance floor. All of the sudden she felt sick. “Oh, God,” she said, covering her mouth, and running off to the bathroom. “What was that?” Ally asked. “Something didn’t agree with her, I’ll go make sure she’s okay,” John said running after her. “What is going on with those two?” Larry asked. “I wish I knew.” Ally replied. “Is it my imagination or has she put on weight?” Elaine asked Mark. “She’s put on weight,” Mark said, “But don’t worry about that right now, let’s dance.”

Not long after, John returned to the table where everyone was sitting. “Is Nelle okay?” asked Elaine. “She’s fine.” John said. A few minutes later Nelle returned to the table. After everyone returned to dancing Nelle said, “John, I think we should tell everyone.” “In two weeks. Okay?” he asked. “Okay. I love you,” she said kissing him.

A couple of weeks later, Nelle was putting on her favorite black skirt, but she couldn’t get it closed. She went into her closet and tried on each piece of clothing she owned. She discovered nothing fit. She finally just closed the skirt with a safety pin and went to work.

Ling came into Nelle’s office and slammed the door shut behind her. The noise startled Nelle, who was sitting at her desk working. “Is there something you want to tell me?” asked Ling. “Not really,” said Nelle, looking back down at her work. “You’re gaining weight in your face, and Nelle, why is your skirt pinned?” Nelle looked down at her waist. “Okay that’s it,” she said. She grabbed Ling’s arm and dragged her into the conference room. “Sit.” Nelle said. She asked Elaine to help her find everyone else. Elaine found Richard, Ally, Billy and Mark and Nelle found John. Before they went into the conference room, Nelle said, “I’m telling everyone, John, I’m tired of hiding it, and this morning I ran out of clothes to wear.” “Okay, I’ll help you,” he said. “Thanks, John,” she said. They walked into the conference room. “May I have your attention please?” she asked. Everyone looked at Nelle, “I’m going to put to rest any rumors.” “What rumors, uh Nelle?” Richard asked. “The rumors as to why I’ve gained weight, I am 14 weeks pregnant,” she said. “With twins,” John added. Everyone stared at John and Nelle for a few moments. “Congratulations,” Ally said. “We were trying to wait as long as possible, so we wouldn’t ruin Billy and Georgia’s upcoming blessed event,” said John. “Don’t worry about that,” said Billy, “I’m thrilled for you two, Congratulations.” “How much longer before Georgia is due, Billy?” asked Mark. “Eight weeks,” Billy replied, “We’re counting down the days.” “Renee is throwing her a surprise shower at the her office tomorrow,” said Ally, “Nelle, Elaine, and Ling, you’re all invited, Billy don’t you dare tell Georgia.” “I won’t I promise,” he said.

“Do you want to find out the sex of the babies?” Nelle asked John, as they were getting ready for bed that night. (Nelle had moved in with John during her pregnancy). “Yes,” he said. “Okay, I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, you can come with me, have you thought of any names? she asked. “Yeah, Maxwell Alexander for a boy, and Christina Claire for a girl,” he said. “Ooh, I like those, my picks are Matthew Alan for a boy and Cecelia Catherine for a girl, I figured if we are having one of each, I pick for a girl and you pick for a boy.” she finished. “That would be fine,” he said. “Let’s go to sleep, goodnight Nelle, goodnight kids,” John said. “Goodnight, John,” Nelle said with a chuckle.

The next day John and Nelle went to the doctor. During the sonogram, the doctor told them they were having two healthy boys.

Georgia’s baby shower went wonderfully. She was so surprised. Nelle announced to Renee and Whipper about her bundles. Everyone was very excited. Georgia and Ally began planning a shower for Nelle.

The end part 3

Title: Love Is Alive (Part 4/?)

“I can’t drive any faster Georgia,” said Billy. “Please try,” Georgia said, as another pain hit. “I’m surprised I haven’t been pulled over yet, honey,” Billy said grabbing Georgia’s hand, and looking at her briefly, he saw the look of panic on her face. “I’m so nervous,” she said crying, “The baby is two weeks early.” “She’ll be fine,” Billy reassured Georgia, “Lots of babies are born two weeks early and they are all just fine.” Billy turned into the hospital’s parking lot, letting Georgia off at the front door, “I’ll park the car and be right there,” he said. After a couple of minutes Billy came running up to Georgia. “Okay are we ready?” he asked. “I guess so,” she said.

Billy picked up the phone and dialed Ally’s number. He looked at his watch. 3:09 a.m. “She’s going to kill me,” he thought. Renee answered the phone. “Hello?” she said shakily. “Renee, Renee, its Billy, can I talk to Ally please?” Renee was suddenly awake, “Sure,” she said. Billy heard some rumblings. “Hello?” said Ally, sounding half asleep. “Ally,” Billy said anxiously, “Its me.” “Yeah so?” she asked still half asleep. “Georgia and I are at the hospital, she’s having the baby, can you come to Boston General?” he asked. “Sure, I’ll be right over,” Ally said. “Okay, I’ve got to go,” he said hanging up the phone. He ran into Georgia’s room. “How’s my girl?” he asked, kissing her on the forehead. “In pain, and I’m only three centimeters,” she replied. “I’ll be here,” he said, “And Ally’s coming.” Before Georgia could respond, a nurse walked in. “How are we doing, Mrs. Thomas,” she asked. Georgia moaned as another strong contraction overtook her. “I can give you something for the pain if you want,” the nurse. When Georgia’s breathing returned back to normal, she explained she and Billy had taken natural childbirth classes, and were going “all natural.” A few minutes later Ally walked in carrying a big lamb. “Hi Georgia,” she said, “I called everyone and they’ll be here first thing in the morning. How are you?” “Tired, very tired.”

19 hours later...

“Good job Georgia, you’re just about there,” said the doctor. Georgia moaned as Ally rubbed a cold towel on her head. Finally the doctor said, “Okay Billy and Georgia, get ready to meet your daughter.” Ally looked as the doctor delivered the new little life into the world. One of the nurses looked over at Ally as her eyes rolled back into her head, and she passed out. “Ms. McBeal!” screamed the nurse. She rushed over to Ally who was stone cold on the ground. She started to wake up, “I just saw the blood and, and ugh....” said Ally, almost incoherently. The doctor handed Georgia her new daughter, Billy kissed Georgia and Courtney on their heads then went to help the nurse with Ally. Billy picked her up and took her out to the waiting area with everyone else. Everyone looked at Billy then at Ally. “Well,” he said, “Georgia and Courtney Jane are fine, but I’m not so sure about Ally.” He sat Ally down in a chair. “So?” asked Renee excitedly, “How much does she weigh and all that?” “Well, from holding her, I’d say Ally weighs about 115 pounds.” Renee narrowed her eyes, “I meant the baby.” Billy smiled, “Courtney Jane Thomas was born 10 minutes ago at 11:37 p.m., she weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz., and was 21 ½ inches long. She is gorgeous; she has Georgia’s big blue eyes and my dark brown hair,” He trailed off, “Where is Nelle?” he asked. “She’s not feeling well, and she’s having a hard time getting around, so I took her home, being pregnant with twins is a hard business, she may cut back at work,” John said. “Wait, wait a minute,” said Richard, “She was two weeks early and still weighed more than 8 pounds?” “I guess we messed up on the dates, let’s go see the baby in the nursery,” Billy said. “I’ll stay with Ally until she recovers,” said Larry. “What happened to Ally?” John whispered to Billy as everyone was walking down to the nursery. “She fainted when Courtney was born,” Billy said. “Oh,” John replied. The eight who made it to the nursery crowded around the little window. Courtney was between two boys. She was wrapped up in a little pink blanket right in front of the window. There was a pink card that was stuck on the bassinet, it read “Thomas, baby girl, 8lbs. 6oz., 21 ½’, 11:37p, 4/30/01, Georgia Thomas, room 302. She was fast asleep. Nearly every other baby was crying. “Look at her, she is so cute,” said Whipper. “She’s wrinkly,” said Ling. “Think we could have one of those someday?” Elaine asked Mark. “Maybe someday,” Mark said. Richard looked at Ling. “What about us, think we could-?” “No,” Ling interrupted, “I will not have any children.” Larry and Ally joined everyone at the nursery. “I’m sorry, Billy,” Ally said. “That’s alright,” he said, “Look at my daughter.” “She’s beautiful,” Ally replied, sighing. Larry pulled Ally aside. “Why do you look so sad?” he asked, “This is supposed to be joyous occasion.” “Just leave me alone, okay?” she asked. Seeing the uncomfortable situation Ally was in, Whipper changed the subject. “Billy told me the case you and Nelle were working on, the divorced woman, whose husband didn’t want the baby, was postponed?” “Yeah, she wanted to make sure the baby was healthy first. We go to court tomorrow.

John turned the key in the door slowly. He found Nelle asleep on couch. She was holding her glasses and had a copy of “Twins” magazine opened on her chest. He took the glasses out of her hand, closed the magazine and placed them both on the table. He gently woke Nelle up and led her to the bedroom. “How’s Georgia?” Nelle asked, still half asleep. “Fine, fine, just rest,” he said. “Okay,” she mumbled. She quickly fell asleep. John looked at his girlfriend. He noticed how, even asleep, she seemed to be glowing. The moonlight was glistening on her hair. “I love you,” he said kissing her cheek. She rolled over from her back to her side, so she was facing the window. John got dressed for bed and laid down on the bed facing her back. He put one arm over her stomach; he could feel the babies kicking. He smiled, closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The next day found Nelle and Ally in the courtroom. Judge Ned Mullally was presiding, and there was no jury. “So what you are saying Mr. Wilson is that you never wanted children with your ex-wife is that correct?” asked Nelle. “Yes,” Daniel answered. “Was there a prenuptial agreement signed to this effect?” she asked “No,” he answered lowering her head. “At the time that the child was conceived, were you or your wife using birth control?” she asked. “No,” he replied, “And I can see you weren’t using any either. What are you about eight months?” he asked. Nelle quickly looked down at her stomach and snapped her head back up. “Objection!” yelled Ally, “Miss Porter’s personal life is no business of Mr. Wilson’s.” “Sustained,” said Judge Mullally, “Just answer yes or no, Mr. Wilson.” “No, neither of us were using birth control,” he said. “So you knew there was the possibility that she could become pregnant?” Nelle asked. “Yes but-.” “No further questions your honor,” she said cutting him off. Daniel Wilson’s attorney, Jackson Allan, got up and said, “There was an understanding between you and your wife, that neither of you wanted children. Correct sir?” Jackson asked. “Correct,” said Daniel, as a matter of factly. “But your wife disregarded that agreement. Right?” asked Jackson. “Yes,” said Daniel. “No further questions your honor,” Jackson said. Nelle slowly stood up. “I’d like to call Laura Wilson to the stand,” she said. Once she made it to the stand, Nelle began questioning her. “Did you and your husband discuss having children before you were married?” “Yes,” Laura said. “And did you agree to have children?” Nelle asked. “Yes in two or three years,” Laura answered. “How long were you married?” Nelle asked. “Three years and four months,” said Laura. Nelle paused for a moment. She put both hands on her back. “Are you alright, Miss Porter?” asked judge Mullally. “I’m fine, Judge Mullally, do you mind if I sit down for the rest of questioning?” Nelle asked. “Yes, Miss Porter, you may sit,” she said. Nelle sat down next to Ally. Ally looked at her empathetically. “Neither you nor your husband weren’t using birth control?” asked Nelle. “No, I figured we’d waited long enough,” Laura answered. “No further questions, your honor,” said Nelle. Jackson got up. “Ms. Wilson, what does your husband want you to do with the baby?” he asked. “He wants to give the baby up for adoption,” she said. “What are your plans for the baby?” he asked. “I want to raise it, with or without him,” she said beginning to cry. “Isn’t that a little selfish, Ms. Wilson?” asked Jackson. “Objection!” yelled Ally and Nelle at the same time. “That is irrelevant,” said Ally. “Sustained, Mr. Allan, we are talking about facts, not opinions, move along.” judge Mullally said. “No further questions your honor,” Jackson finished. “Okay,” said judge Mullally, “We will recess until 1:00 p.m., when I will hear closing arguments.” As Nelle and Ally were walking out of the courtroom, Nelle said to Ally, “You may have to close.” “Why?” Ally asked. “I’m not feeling well,” Nelle answered. “Anything specific?” asked Ally. “My stomach is upset, and I have heartburn, I’m five months pregnant and still have morning sickness, which is why I was late this morning.” Nelle said. “When is your next doctor’s appointment?” Ally asked. “Tomorrow,” Nelle said. Ally patted her on the back and said, “It’ll be okay.”

Two hours later...

Once Jackson Allan had finished his closing arguments, Nelle got up and began speaking, “You know sometimes the best things in life aren’t planned. There is a song that goes ‘Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.’ All Ms. Wilson wants is to raise her child who truly is a gift and an unanswered prayer.

The judge was sympathetic and granted Laura Wilson custody of their unborn child. Laura told Nelle and Ally that the baby was going to be a girl and she wanted to name her Nelle Allison.

As Nelle and Ally were walking out of the courthouse, Nelle tripped and fell down the stairs. “Nelle!” Ally screamed. “OWWWWWW!” screamed Nelle. “I told you not to wear heels,” said Ally, “I’ll call an ambulance.” She dialed 911 on her cell phone. “Yes sir,” Ally said, “I’m at the Suffolk County courthouse, My friend has fallen and hurt her ankle, I think it maybe broken, she’s 21 weeks pregnant, please hurry.” She hung up the phone. “They’re gonna be here shortly,” she said. About 10 minutes later the ambulance arrived. They picked up Nelle and put her on the gurney. Ally rode in the back with Nelle, the EMT checked Nelle’s vitals, and then he asked, “You’re only 21 weeks pregnant?” “Yes,” she said, “With twins.” “Well,” the EMT said, “Your ankle is definitely broken, I can feel your bone, you shouldn’t be wearing heels at this stage of pregnancy.” Ally held her laughter. “Told you,” she said.

“Honey, honey are you okay?” John asked, running into Nelle’s hospital room. “I’m fine,” she said. “Good,” he said, kissing her on the forehead. “I have to stay here a few days,” she said, “I’m unsteady on my feet.” “Apparently,” he said, “No more heels for awhile, okay.” “Alright,” she said, biting her upper lip, “While I’m thinking about it, I’m not too sure of the names we picked out for the babies.” “Me neither,” he said. “Here’s a name I like,” she said, “Nathaniel Jonathan.” John thought about it for a moment. “How about Nicholas Jesse for the other?” he asked. “Nathaniel and Nicholas, I like those,” she said, “They are wonderful.”

Georgia sat in the wheelchair holding her new daughter, while Billy gathered all of Georgia and Courtney’s things. It was May 3rd and they were leaving the hospital. “She is so cute,” said Georgia. She kissed Courtney on the forehead. “Ready to go?” asked the nurse. “I am,” said Georgia, “Billy?” she asked. “I’m ready,” he said smiling. The nurse wheeled Georgia and Courtney outside, and Billy followed behind them. They put the little girl in her car seat and drove away. “We’re taking her home, can you believe it?” Billy asked. Georgia stared out the window. “Yeah,” she said in a dreamy tone, “I can’t wait to show her the world.” “She obviously likes car trips,” Billy said, “She went to sleep the minute we started moving.” “She is going to be such a good baby, I can tell.” Georgia said. “You have given me one beautiful baby.” Billy said. “Thank you,” Georgia said, “Just remember you helped.” “You did the hard work though,” said Billy. “You’re too sweet,” said Georgia. They reached their house, and Billy helped Georgia get Courtney out of the car. It was a beautiful spring day, birds were singing, the sun was shining and it was about 70o outside. They went inside and placed Courtney in her bassinet. “She looks like an angel,” said Georgia. “Yes she does,” Billy said, “Now I have two angels.” Georgia smiled at him and they kissed.

Ally woke up early one morning and looked over at Larry who was still sleeping. She touched him on the forehead, and he woke up. “I’m so glad Sam came for a visit,” she said. “I’m glad you said that, because I am filing for custody of Sam to come and live here with me,” Larry said as he was waking up. “That would be wonderful,” she said. “Well Jamie doesn’t seem to be putting up much of a fight,” he said, “I should get custody easily.” “I’d love for him to be here,” she said. “I love you so much,” Larry said.