Season 1 Trivia

Some of these may see extremely easy while others may make you think... Whichever way, have fun!!!
1. Who is Ally's first senior partner that we know of?
Jack Billings
John Cage
Richard Fish

2. What does Ally advise Billy NOT to tell his wife about?
His past with her
A fling at his bachelor party
Fish's wattle fetish

3. How tall is Ally on heels when her mug shot gets taken in "100 Tears Away"?
Like I remember...

4. What is Ally's first choice for a theme song?
"Hooked On A Feeling"
"Tell Him"
"Searchin' My Soul"

5. Which action(s) on Ally's part send Billy into a nostalgic mood about their past?
Her drinking coffee
Her wearing short skirts to court
Her dancing at the bar with someone else

6. How did Ally wind up meeting Greg?
Ran into him at a cafe
Was representing him in court
Through a mutual friend

7. Which lawyer sends drool down the chins of the women at Cage & Fish
DA Jason Roberts
Bobby Donell
Cage after his "transformation" to Barry White

8. Who wins the famous dirty-joke bet?

9. What kind of dressing gets in the way of Jason Roberts' date with Ally?
Thousand Island

10. Which room does Ally accidentally enter only to see Georgia & Billy in flagrante?
her office
Billy's office
the conference room

11. What ritual does Cage perform to gather his thoughts for closing arguments?
He does dismounts in the unisex
He walks around barefoot
He drinks daiquiris at the bar

12. Which valuable kissing technique does Elaine show John?
"the vacuum kiss"
"the nose turn"
"the head hold"

13. Which of the following was NOT invented in the first season by Elaine?
remote control flusher
automatic seat warmer
face bra

14. What does Ally think of hockey?
She's an avid fan
She couldn't care less
She thinks it's cruel to the animals to dress them up like that

15. Which celebrity was Ally voted "most likely to become" in school?
Katherine Hepburn
Julie Andrews
an ABBA soloist