Season 2 Trivia

1. Which song does Cage start to hear every time he sees Nelle in "The Real World"?
"You're My First, My Last, My Everything"
"You Can't Hurry Love"
"There's A New Man In Town"

2. What is the name of Renee's "Billy"?

3. What is Ally held in contempt for?
talking back
refusing to sit down
short skirts

4. What does Ally's personalized condom say?
"Take A Number"
"Caution - Frostbite"
"Proceed With Care"

5. When Ally has flashbacks of herself at age 14, which song is she singing with her friends?
"Born To Be Wild"
"Addicted To Love"

6. What slogan does Elaine use to sell her face bra in an infomercial?
"Look good without dieting"
"Shave years off your appearance"
"The most stylish cosmetic invention ever"

7. What is the name of Rosie O'Donell's character (Billy & Georgia's therapist)?
Dr. Hooper
Dr. Jenkins
Dr. Leeds

8. What was Ally's favorite song in high school?
"Ooh, Child"
"Could I Have This Dance"

9. What does Ally do to drive Wally away?
Kiss Georgia
Kiss Elaine
Punch him

10. Before setting up his own firm, where'd Cage consider working?

11. What does Cage name his "replacement" frog - a gift from Nelle?

12. What TV show did Ally accidentally end up on?
America's Funniest Home Videos
World's Naughtiest Confessions
Jenny Jones

13. What skin color were Cage & Fish defending in court?

14. What does Elaine do to make Ling seem sympathetic?
She advises her to be nice to the judge
She gives her a neckbrace to wear in court
She teaches her to smile

15. Which of the following did NOT happen in Season 2?
Ally defending her teacher's right to be in an induced coma
The firm going against itself for the first time
Jennifer the Mail Girl suing for sexual harrassment