What's Gotten Ally?

Car wash encounters. Salacious smooches. Ally McBeal is wilder than ever, so we weigh in on the show's lusty new attitude.
Is it possible to sue a TV show for sexual harassment? It's about the only twist David E. Kelley hasn't come up with yet for the libidinous lawyers of Ally McBeal. "I know that I should feel shame or guilt,"said Ally (Calista Flockhart, above), after her steamy season-opening tryst with a stranger in a car wash - just the first act in the show's erotically berserk third year. Shame? Guilt? Leave that to us, as we watch in an increasingly conflicted state of delight and mortification while Ally evolves from a quirky romantic comedy into network TV's most uninhibited sex romp ever.
"There's something brave about a woman who identifies a fantasy and just pursues it," says Ling (Lucy Liu), not long before engaging Ally in a lingering kiss that sent pulses and ratings soaring in November, turning watercooler rehashes into geysers of heated debate. Brave, maybe. Maddening, possibly. Titillating, surely. Consider the following: