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FOX's Official Site (Oфициальный Сайт)
20th Century FOX's Official "Fight The Future" Site
The Haven
Gertie's Shipper Site(Part of the FredFarm)
Church of X
TXF Flash
Tiny Dancer's Site
TXF Timeline
The Squirell's Nest
The Treehouse
An Unofficial Site & Message Board(by WebDesignDiva, a friend f/Bolt)
Fandom's Site (Part of FANDOM)
24-Hour XF News Source
FBI Database
Dimension X
XF Multimedia Archive
Rohan's Downloads
Rohan's XF Realm
Art Of X
XF site of Amaroq
Deep's X
Emily's XF Site
Enigmatic 12's Shipper Site
Whiteraevyn Archives

Gillian Anderson

GAWS - the Official GA Site
The GA Testosterone Brigade

David Duchovny

The DD Conservatory

Рассказы, написанные фанатами

Agents In Love - 'Shippy FF
Shippy FanFic at the FredFarm
The Spooky Awards

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Неoфиц. сайт на chat.ru
Русская XF-Multimedia