The Obstacle Course AM - 418

Pinch me... It's "Ally"!!! It's new!!! Clear picture, without the ugly white lines!!! (See what I had to go through this past month and a half?!) Of course, I'm happy... but, knowing that all of this will lead up to "Home Again" (which I haven't watched yet, just gimme a day or two, I'm up to my ears in schoolwork), I can't really *rejoice* (amazing how one STUPID scenario can ruin 5 (6) episodes for you)... Still, nice retreat into fun. Yay.

1. First up - RDJ. (Gee, surprising, eh?:)) AUGH!!! Black boxers!!! No, re-read that please - BLACK (as in BLACK - only the sexiest & most elegant colour of all) BOXERS (urrrrrrpphhhh....:))... And the whole first scene, with Jackson & Ally & him pulling her back into the room & him doing that walk - marvelous... Though, of course, if put into perspective, if you think of what he is now and where he is now and where the show is now and where the show WILL be without him, it's all... too depressing, so let's not go there. Regarding solely this episode, he's lurrrrrvely (footrub, baby?)... AND brilliant. "Wouldja *pick* one?!" "I'll still love you - you'll still be tall." Great scene with him & Ally, btw - though didn't it kinda smell of "Mr. Bo"??? I mean, the whole "looks don't matter - oh, but they do" deal... Only thing is, there [in "MB"] it was a tad bit cuter, and wasn't so sad in perspective because there *was* no sad perspective for it to be put in... Hm. I'm confused. By the way, where was the hello kiss in the courtroom hall, huh??? Turdface. I suddenly wanna rub feet. His, preferably. He has nice feet, by the way... :o)

2. Bernadette Peters is AMAZING!!! (Just yesterday I was rewatching "The Getaway", and this just added on to my awe) She's one of those women who is so beautiful in her very own unique way, so confident, such a great actress - and "Ally"'s the only place I've seen her! *dodges rotten eggs thrown her way* I know, I know, I plan to catch up on my movies ("Two Girls & A Guy" being on top of the priority list) this summer... Great. Great great great. I can totally see Cassandra & John together (coming from a Nelle/John shipper, that's a pretty strong statement)... But I highly doubt David will ever come to that.

I've began to notice these little confession booth speeches have turned into "My Thoughts on Robert Downey Jr. and his role on 'Ally'" from the initial "My Thoughts on 'Ally' in its entirety"... Can't complain, though. I mean, with the way things are going now, attention inevitably clings to RDJ, and the scripts had become more RDJ-focused even before his recent...uh, *exploit*, and with all of this building up, you can't help but focus on him and Ally and them and the whole nine yards... So, um, yeah. Oh well.

The case was... interesting, but... well, with all due respect, and I really *do* sympathize with the... little guy, Larry rightfully won. And... it was kind of obvious from the very beginning that he'd win. Not necessarily because he's smarter than Ally, but because he's standing on firmer ground. And firmer ground wins. But the multitude of lost love cases is really starting to bug me - there *are* other areas of law, ya know, and while I completely understand that all the cases presented are, in fact, presented to bring out something in the lawyers arguing them, that "something" doesn't necessarily have to be tied to the heartstring. (Says Alex, whose ongoing fic is centered on a romance case included in there EXPRESSLY for the purpose of Ally & Larry confronting whatever it is they think they need to confront in order to live life happily ever after till death do them part... I really need to breathe...)

"Chances Are" is on!!! (I'm listening to the CD:o)) Now, I've heard many an opinion on it (the complete CD AND the given version of the song), I *must* say I LOVE it (the tambourines are totally fine), it's a GORGEOUS song, not only lyric/voice-wise, but also music-wise (at times like this I wish I still played the piano), and the CD version (which, I'll risk to suppose, *is* the "Hats Off to Larry" version (okay, maybe with a variation or two, but Robert's part on the CD *is* very much like his "HOTL" [--yes, I *know* that can be read like HOT L...arry...--] part...)) is just ***perfect***. Of course, all thoughts on it would be incomplete without comments on Vonda's voice - AMAZING. But we all already knew that, didn't we? :o) Especially the second chorus - BEAUTIFUL. It's weird how people can just go about there lives here (in Russia), totally calm, living not knowing of "Ally" and Robert Downey Jr (of course, I've taken care of that in regard to my friends:)) and this lovely CD and... everything!!! I feel special:))))))) It's actually a really cool feeling.

Done. *next-->

--May 18th