In Search of Barry White AM - 419

"Snakes" is SOOOOOO good :-) -- Sorry, I'm just listening to the CD.... Anyhow -- Clone a dead wife? For pukey-lovey-dovey-gooey reasons? Please. Say it with me - PLEASE. I want a *real* case. Terrible tie in the first court scene, my darling Larry. I love you to shreds, but that tie *has* to go. "As thou speaketh my feet itcheth" - fab. Fab fab fab fab fab. Love him & Ally together, though the pointless arguing *is* starting to go past the reasonable limit here... Oooh, ooh, I love that little throaty laugh he does at the end of "Snakes"! -- Oops. Sorry:) Passing on to someone OTHER than Larry (did I mention Calista looks FANTASTIC?! :) 'Cause she does... Here, and in The Obstacle Course, and of course in Cloudy Skies:))) Now, while watching this ep was a lot more fun than, say, reading "War & Peace" (duh), and while it had several highlights (namely, the dance in the Unisex & Richard's "envisioning" remarks:)), it was - how should I put this? - a little eensy-weensy bit boring. You gotta love Robert, and *of course* Calista (she's always so great!!!), but I find myself yearning for something, well, NEW with the rest of the gang here, and the entire Ling/Richard/Jackson deal, along with John's search of internal rhythm, I guess you could say, was just *too* stretched out, in my opinion... And what is the big deal with rubbing a *gorgeous* pair of feet for a *gorgeous* man??? You gimme RDJ, I'll happily be rubbing his feet till death to us part:))) (*MY* death - via my drowning in my own saliva - will probably arrive earlier:))... I *know*, I *know*, it was all about not wanting to be a step lower on the professional ladder, but still - he has nice feet:) I wouldn't be complaining terribly...

There's really nothing more to say... Mediocre ep.

--May 18th