HI:) I've decided never to bore any surfer again with that old "About Me" section close to the size of War & Peace. So, instead of writing this all in LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG sentences, I'm gonna give you a quick runthrough of everything important (and not-so :o)):

NAME: Alexandra (my last name's not important as you won't be able to pronounce it anyway:P)
NICKNAMES: bunches... Alex, Ally, Sasha (don't EVER call me that!), Sanya, Sanyok. But that's for Russia. Stick to the first two for now:)
BIRTHDAY: August 11th, 1986
NATIONALITY:(gee... toughie) Russian. What gave me away?:)
PICTURES: --All pictures open in a new window -- :
|Me - last year|
|One of my best friends Danielle|
|My doggie Hannibal in '96 (5 months old)|
|The Gang in Russia - (l-r) Sasha A., Natasha, Olya, Ksyusha, me.|
HOBBIES: figure skating, web design (I guess!). As for the first one, I don't really have any BIG plans, right now it's just for fun, and I guess I'm getting pretty good. Takes A LOT of time, though... I ADORE Petrova/Tikhonov in Pairs & Anissina/Peizerat in Ice Dance (both are reigning World Champs, BTW:))
FAVOURITE SHOWS: "The X-Files", "Ally McBeal" (duh) and "Friends". But let's not go there, if you don't need a synopsis of every single episode ever made along with WHY I absolutely adore it...
FAVOURITE MOVIES: tons. "The X-Files: FTF", "Autumn in New York", "Return To Me", "Jane Doe", "Playing By Heart", "The Cutting Edge" and "The Story of Us".
FAVOURITE SONGS: This list constantly changes. As I've said, I love soundtracks, so count songs from there... There are also about 20 songs from the first two albums of Zemfira, which is a Russian rock group. Then there's "Prishla Pora" by Tantzy Minus, which is also Russian rock group. Oooh, did I mention I love Garbage? So, them too. I've started to really like Patricia Kaas lately. And OF COURSE - the shippiest song in the world (along with "Walking After You" by the Foo Fighters from TXF movie album) - "Never Be The Same Again" by Mel C. Add in Jennifer Paige's "Beautiful" (I absolutely ADORE it though I usually hate pop), too. So there...
FAVOURITE BOOKS: "Lolita" by Nabokov and "My Sergei" by Ekaterina Gordeeva. Of course:o)
FREE TIME: Free time? What's free time?... nah, actually, I *do* have *some* free time. I love reading, listening to music, dancing, shopping, surfing the 'Net, chatting with friends on IM, answering e-mail, writing fanfic & etc. Aren't I lovable?:o)
LIKES: skating, dancing, french, Yubileini, my friends, St. Petersburg, travelling, flying in planes, SAS, Denmark, Kastrup airport, Russian MTV, the internet, classical music, rock, Disegni, Saigon, Cityline, Cro-Magnon, Crystal Palace (those are cafes), bellbottoms, HTML, black, concerts, Radio Maximum 102.8 (in Russia), movies that make you think, falling in love...
DISLIKES: snobs, flash 4, Kansas, AOL, rap, incorrect English, Pushkin, the WB network, stupid movies, reality shows, spanish, boy bands, Shen/Zhao, Krylova/Ovsiannikov, Abitbol/Bernadis (let's not go there either), monday mornings...
FUTURE AMBITIONS: I wanna be a lawyer. And NO, NOT because of Ally. I decided that a LONG time ago, thank you very much. Now I used to want to also be a forensic pathologist, but I've given up that idea. So law's what's left:)

Go check out my WebLife Diary!:)

Though *I* write everything on here, I *do* get lots of help, and I couldn't NOT include a few words on The Gang - the gurls who help me out with this monster of a site. There's Jessikah Mardot (pronounced MAHR-DOE; she gets mad when people pronounce it incorrectly) - she's our walking anecdote. She sends about 20 jokes to my inbox every day... the girl is allergic to tragedy - she sobbed for about 5 hours non-stop when Billy died (and this is a TV show!). She's also "in charge" of pics & graphics - she surfs around, finds cool stuff, sends me the URLs, and I slave over the code. Oh yeah, and she listens to Pink. She's obsessed with music of that sort:)
Our newest "addition" is Julie, a person who is unbelievably kind and wonderful... She helps out with graphics, pics, works on new layouts & etc. Jules, you're absolutely the best! Don't let anyone EVER tell you differently...:)
Jenna & I had some "differences", should I say, so she decided to leave. I must comment, however, that she *did* help me out a lot. Thanks!
We also had Kathryn (Kathi) & Lizzy, but they've been grounded, so they're temporarily off-line. They were moral support:) We miss 'em...