Okay, I'm usually quite modest, but I simply adore my new design... :o) It's simple, uncluttered, without the in-your-face 3 frame thing... I was playing around with codes last night, and was desperate to write *something*... Thus, the new design was born. It's something I had in mind a long time ago, and then ditched the idea for lack of patience to do everything. As it turned out, it was fairly simple:) I had three pages I'd written before, and now it was just a matter of Copy-Paste-Modify-Copy-Paste-Modify. Piece o' cake:)
I have no idea when I'll finish "Tears On My Pillow", but I know it won't be anytime too soon since I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm still mourning the fact that I'll miss the most important eps of the season, including "Hats Off To Larry", the sound of which I *reeeeally* don't like... I know I'll watch 'em taped over spring break, but still... argh. :(
As the first part of TOMP was well-recieved, I've started on the second part but it's not even *close* to finished... We finally got cable installed today, and I've been on the 'Net all day, reluctant to do anything else... (Which explains the time for setting up the design:))
Alright, well, I'm off to eat...

Alrighty, it's about time I wrote something new here:) Well, I've been having writer's block for the past few days, which might explain why nothing useful has been done by me... I dunno what the deal is with that. I have so many ideas for updates & new sections flowing around unorganized in my head, and so little time to do everything, I'm at a loss right now to predict whether ANYTHING will get done. Well, I must say, I got the Robert Downey, Jr. gallery off to a pretty decent start... With the help of The Downey Dominion, of course:) Isn't the said RDJ just adorable?:) Especially in glasses... Okay, okay, let's not go there...
Contrary to my "writing" state, my "reading" state is wonderful... I'm in the middle of "Memoirs of a Geisha", which is simply entrancing... A great book. The inside glimpses into Japanese culture & society are amazing. I'm enjoying it immensely.
I'm off to bed. G'night!

ARRGH! I cannot believe this! I spend eternity yesterday uploading pics I thought I'd LOST because of the "deleting" thing on Bolt - turns out, they only had a server problem, all of my files are still intact!!! I'm MAD.
Anyway, I'll be working on this new section I have planned (maybe it, along with WebLife, About Me and some other planned stuff, will grow into a site of their own), which will contain HTML & JavaScript tips & tricks that I've "collected" over the past year, and should be pretty interesting. Hope it'll be up & running soon:o)
Gotta run & eat brunch,

This is WebLife. Hi. Where should I start?
I guess with random musings... Encountered a snappy former "fan" today, who tried to prove to me that just because "Ally" wasn't nominated as Best Comedy the show has become crap. WHAT-ever... "Ally" doesn't need to be placed in some top ten list of a godforsaken magazine to be a good show. Am I right?
My hands are itching to type up some HTML, which is probably the reason I'm writing this WebLife entry right now. But see, the thing is, I'm too lazy to do the required stuff... Like, I *know* I need to write episode summaries for the Guide. But I don't do it. I *know* it's about time I uploaded new pics to the Portia gallery - sorry, too lazy. And I already have the graphics and everything ready for the Webring - yet again, I'm waaaaaay too lazy. (Is there medication for this condition?) Every project I start, I struggle to finish. I've also had this addictive idea for the past few months to do an X-Files site (and trust me, I had some VERY original ideas for content), yet for some reason the whole thing flopped. I am, however, very happy that we on the X-Files board on Bolt finally got together and started planning a site for ourselves:) So that's a project I'll be actively involved in... Don't worry, I won't desert you, though:)
I'm also faced with the problem of "My Thoughts" updates for Season 4, seeing as I'll be in Russia and as far away as possible from FOX. Maybe I'll ask someone who doesn't have anything better to do on Bolt. Or maybe... maybe YOU'D like to help??? If so, pleeeeease e-mail me, I'd luv ya forever and ever and ever...
On another note - I HATE BoltPages. They deleted my whole account (not on Bolt, just on the Pages), which means deleting all of the pics stored there as well. That SUCKS! I'm secretly hoping some Bolt official will someday stumble upon this, so I'm saying it (typing it:o)) for the world to hear (see:o)): YOU'RE MEAN!!!!!! And I hate mean people. Now, I have ten thousand broken images, which means uploading MORE images into my Tripod directory from my hard drive. That's not even the worst thing - I have to FIND them first, and THAT is torture... Don't ask how many files I have on my computer, you'll faint.
Started Part 5 of "The Book of Love", and so far, it's going pretty good, I guess. Got some great feedback for the last part which - AGAIN - I'm too lazy to put up... ARRRGH. I *must* find a cure for this condition!
Also slaving over JavaScript to update quizzes - they look pathetic right now. So does most of my site. I PROMISE I'll get around to it soon:)
Saw some pretty pathetic *ahem* "creations" on the Web today, which made me feel super-good about myself:) I'm pretty mean when commenting on plain sites with no interesting content or particular theme, and really got to let the steam out in a few guestbooks today:) Now I'm content & happy...
And finally, I'd like to say that I absolutely LOVE being a 'Shipper (for The X-Files), since that seems to be the topic of most 'Net conversations I've participated in today. It's fantastic, the best thing in the world, and I wouldn't give it up for the world:)
Saw three good movies over the weekend, which I've told EVERYONE about - "Good Will Hunting", which was really much better than I thought it would be, and really cute:) Can't say I'm a Damon fan, but the movie was good...; "Fight Club", which was awesome, but TOTALLY not what I'd expected it to be... I was kinda under the whole "Jen & Brad getting married" (did I say I'm ECSTATIC about that?! I think they are absolutely ADORABLE together!:o)) influence, so I decided to rent it:)... Also "What Lies Beneath", which scared the absolute SHIT out of me (excuse my "french"). That was probably the scariest movie I've EVER seen, and I've seen some pretty freaky stuff... It's REALLY good, but it was depressing, 'cause I hate it when love stories turn out to be tragic. "MEF MEF MEF MEF MEF!!!!!" REALLY cool, but EXTREMELY freaky.
'Kay, I'm done. Take care.