Turning Thirty

Alright, I didn't really *get* this ep, though I liked it... a LOT. I mean, I understand - Ally's 30, it's a tragedy & blah blah blah... But was with the breast suffocating? Ally's lips? (Well, okay, that was understandable... I mean, she was trying to make herself better, thinking that by turning thirty she somehow became worse, and turned to plastic surgery for the answer... alright, alright, I get that...) I absolutely loved a few lines - "My friend Mary says He's amazing in the hay..." and "I wanna find God 'cause deep down I hope he's single..." being the ones I remember the best. The Elaine/Renee conflict, though funny, also was something I didn't quite get. Never mind that, though...

Now Nelle was a real bitch, though now, after watching all the eps through the finale, I realize she'll get worse, then better bit by bit... read about that in "Hope & Glory" & "AMcB: The Musical, Almost":)

Anyway, I guess it's just been too long since I've seen it (2 days; but I see that as too long for comments) for me to really say anything relatively interesting in the Thoughts section... So I'll just leave you guys with this for now:)